Revision: LGX to CX

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Re: Revision: LGX to CX

Postby WhiteCane » Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:41 pm

Ok, I watched a few different videos on YouTube of installations of an LGX device. So, the first one was a female doctor… She measured nine proximal and 14 distal… she used a 21 cm device with no rear tips… Second was a male doctor… He measured nine proximal and 12 distal and used an 18 cm device with three rear tips… so, I might be hyper obsessing a little bit but, these are two very different measuring techniques… I guess it truly does depend on the doctor…
Implanted October 2019 Dr. Kramer lgx 18 cm +2 rear tips. Preop at 6.75 post op 5.25... awaiting revision… Implanted for possibility of having our first child.

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Re: Revision: LGX to CX

Postby SW0110 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 9:35 pm

On my revision. Went from 19 cm titan total cylinder length to 20 cm ams total cylinder length.

Titan cylinders were 18 plus 1 rte.
Ams cylinder 18 plus 2 rte.

I believe titan has 5 cm non expanding part in the Cruz
Ams has 4.5 cm non expanding part in Cruz

So with titan I had 6 non expanding. Ams 6.5 non expanding. So I gained 1 cm but only .5 of additional inflatable length.

Revision was 1 year after initial implant. Size for both is at a wood ruler bone press right at 6.75 length. So same for both. No real difference.
18 cm plus 1 rte titan installed March 2019. Revision March 2020 by Dr. Andrew Todd, Richmond KY. He replaced the titan with an AMS 700 LGX 18 cm cylinder plus 2 rte for 20 cm total length.

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