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Re: Sizing for implant

Postby tomas1 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:56 pm

It would probably have helped you get back what you wanted if you'd used the VED for sometime before surgery.
If you did use it, I have no idea if you'll get it back.
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Re: Sizing for implant

Postby oldbeek » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:16 pm

Bmore51 wrote:New guy here. Five weeks post-op with my first implant, an AMS 700 21cm w/o extenders. Diagnosed w/ PC @ 48 and despite nerve sparing robotic prostatectomy with a very experienced surgeon I developed both ED & Peyronie’s. Oral rxs helped somewhat and Trimix worked well but I was disappointed to notice that I went from 7” erect to 5”. After 2 years I decided to pursue an implant to fix the Peyronie’s, establish a reliable non-Rx dependent erection and hopefully regain some of my length. Yes, I’ve heard plenty of women say size doesn’t matter to them but it matters to me, and a short erection isn’t very conducive to the type of sex that I enjoy most.
So my post-op course hasn’t been what I expected but maybe I failed to ask all the right questions pre-operatively and so now I have a ton of questions and concerns. My question that pertains to this thread and the valuable experience I see in the responses is what would be reasonable to expect size wise going forward? I finally got the pump working properly last night and was able to produce a good firm erection. I may be wrong, but I felt like I had the cylinders at 100%. In fact my penis hurt it was so hard. I was dismayed to find that at fully erect I only had 5”. While I didn’t think it reasonable to expect to get back to my God-given 7” I was at least hoping for 6-6.5”. Is it reasonable to expect that over time I might get to that goal of 6-6.5” or if lucky more?
Probably should have started a new thread with your own question, But, Welcome:: Lets start with some background. How long (time) in between RARP and the implant?? I assume you were sexually active prior to RP. When using trimix, did you have that dull pain ? IF, you did have that pain, could you feel the base of your penis down in your perineum area? That area would be your cruses. The cruses is the internal area between your pubic bone and anus. How experienced is your surgeon? Shoot me some answers. John
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