Update on bulging cylinder…

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Update on bulging cylinder…

Postby WhiteCane » Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:06 pm

as promised, here is my update on the bulge in the left cylinder… The reason it wasn’t reaching all the way to the tip of my penis was because a stitch had broken during healing in the proximal portion of the implant… so, looks like I’m jumping on the revision train… April 9, I’m heading back to Baltimore to get the lift cylinder replaced… While he is in there, he’s going to figure out the sideways pump situation and fix that… Kind of an extra little bonus I guess? not extremely pleased but happy it’s getting fixed… as it sits, I just have this cluster of parts taking up most of my scrotum… it has always been kind of tight but this is all over the place like Medusa‘s hair with these tubes in every direction and the pump sitting sideways… anyway, on the way home, one of our tires blew out on 95… We didn’t notice it until we stopped to eat… Luckily, there was a tire shop right across the street… They took three hours to put two new tires on because apparently, the other side was messed up to LOL… When we got back to Philadelphia, we got a phone call from my grandfather who said his visiting nurse told him to go to a doctor… Long story short, he’s in the emergency room… Keep him in your thoughts please… Hope everyone is well!
Implanted October 2019 Dr. Kramer lgx 18 cm +2 rear tips. Preop at 6.75 post op 5.25... awaiting revision… Implanted for possibility of having our first child.

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