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Postby Waynetho » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:39 pm

Does anyone else here do any occasional self-remodeling when they notice an odd bend where one previously didn't exist?

I ask this because I have already documented that at day 77 I had a still noticeable g-spot bend that was present due to Peyronie's prior to surgery and by day 84 I had all but eliminated it with simple pumping to max and bending against the bend.

As of today, day 104, my g-spot bend is still gone (I still occasional bend down to keep the stressing the tight spot). For the past couple of days I started noticing, possibly due to my dress-left, that my penis both deflated and inflated is drifting left. I was worried that the left cylinder was slipping further into the crus as my proximal fibrosis that I could feel was primarily in the right cavernosum. Anyway, with the left lateral bend I started thinking I could fix it almost like the up-turn. I pumped to max and started bending to the right, HARD, with my thumb against the middle of the right cylinder and my index and middle fingers against the left cylinder just at and behind the distal tip. After bending to the right for about 5-10 minutes (feeling the typical cycling pain I have since stopped getting), I tried to put more pumps in and found that I could add almost one more complete pump.

After the 5-10 minute remodel session, it's again almost perfectly straight, this time laterally. I got curious and went to measure with my tape and found it is now damned near 6" whereas I barely had between 5.25-5.50 before the attempt. I had to go get the solid ruler from my wife to verify - asked her to confirm that I was pressing the pubic bone and to confirm the reading... it was 6.0"! OMFG! Even 5.75" is amazing when prior to being implanted I barely got 5" with VED.

That means that taking out the left bend has stretched my dick even further, making it more impossible to have only 15 cm implant cylinders without RTEs! Remember, 15 cm is 5.9" and I'm reading almost exactly that now. The ruler is obviously going right to the back of the rear cylinder tips!
59 yo, married 38 yrs. Urolift (x4) 8/12/19. AMS 700CX 15cm (no RTE) penoscrotal 10/28/19 Dr. Mark Allen, Frisco, TX. PD 1995/ED 2011. Cialis helped but hinged. (1995)L:6/G:5.5+, (2019)Pre-op L:5/G:4.5, (2/2020)L:6.0/G:5.0

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