ED and hourglass after excise and graft procedure. Getting implant soon.

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ED and hourglass after excise and graft procedure. Getting implant soon.

Postby LunaDeMars01 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:50 pm

Hi everyone :) I am new here and have a few questions...
I was born with congenital curvature of the penis. Other than the curve, I had a perfectly healthy penis until I decided to get a penile excise and graft procedure to straighten my penis by Dr Brian Christine in Birmingham. During procedure, I was also circumcised. I lost almost all sensation to the glans. The procedure was a disaster. My penis was totally destroyed. I had severe hourglass and sutures that almost penetrated through skin. It was so bad, I had to get get a 2nd procedure. After my 2nd procedure, things only got worse. It was so bad, my doctor then referred me to Dr Dean Knoll in Nashville. Dr Brian Christine is a very good doctor and a very nice person. However, I believe he was very inexperienced in handling my situation. I do appreciate that he was very honest and told me to go see Dr Dean Knoll.

To make a long story short, Dr Knoll has performed 3 more excise and graft procedures. He managed to get my penis straight and get rid of the horrible sutures I had. It took 3 more attempts to correct the extreme deformity I had. The problem I’m having now is ED because of all the de-gloving of the penis during procedures along with a bit of hourglass. Vaginal penetration is almost impossible without lube. I reached out to Dr Knoll again and he advised me to get an implant because another excise and graft is contraindicated. Dr Knoll has performed over 7000 implants and travels around the world to teach it. I trust him a lot.

I am 41 and my wife is only 32. My main concern is, will my wife be ok with it? Is there anyone out there with an implant that has a young wife or girlfriend? If so, is she happy with your implant? I am really looking forward to a straight, rigid penis but constantly worry if my wife may not like it. I have spoken to her about it but she seems a bit spooked by it. I am in the process of getting a predetermination from my insurance and then plan for the procedure day. When I get my procedure scheduled, I will be posting before and after pictures incase someone out there experiences the same problem as me. Please let me know what I can expect after my implant and what concerns I should have if any. Will I regain my girth after losing some due to hourglass? Thanks to everyone who takes there time to answer me. I really appreciate it :)
Had congenital curvature 35 degrees to the left. Decided to get a penile excise and graft with plication procedure... no help. I now have ED thanks to procedure gone wrong. Looking forward to an implant now and awaiting a predetermination. :shock:

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