Very disappointed

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Very disappointed

Postby Grayfox » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:19 pm

Here's my full story. Developed ED after a heart attack and triple bypass back in 2000. Took Viagra will success for years. My wife became ill in 2002 and slowly deteriorated until she passed away in 2010. I didn't see any reason to waste a $50 pill just to masturbate so I just didn't. All told, between the time my wife got too sick to have sex and I met a new lady, I hadn't had sex or an erection for about 8 years. Bad mistake. At that time I discovered the pills no longer worked. Doctor put me on a VED. It worked fine, but I discovered that lack of use had caused my penis to shrink badly. Where I once went 7", now the best I could do was 5". We made do with that and sex was quite successful and enjoyable. Sadly, the GF cut me loose in 2017.
This year I turned 65 and got on medicare. I could finally afford an implant. Had a AMS 700 LGX put in Aug. 7.
Two weeks later I developed some serious health issues that landed me in the hospital twice and I was in pretty bad shape for a few months. I'm fine now, but I didn't start working with the implant until about late October.
Now to my problem. When I pump it up, all I can get is 4" and its not very thick. :evil: I can use the VED and it will get a little thicker, but no longer. Doctors says it will stretch a little in time, but not much. Also said he put the biggest implant he could possible fit in there. 19cm. I've been pumping it up every day and holding the erection for at least two hours, sometimes three. There has been no gain what-so-ever. :evil:
I'm single now but looking. Frankly I'd be plumb embarrassed for a woman to see this pitiful thing. :oops:
What pisses me off is that I could get a full inch longer and much thicker with the VED. I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I intend to get an answer to that.
Has anybody here experienced something like this? I'd be thankful for any advice or information.
Developed ED after Heart attack and by-pass in 2000. Used pills for years, but they don't work anymore. Shots don't work. Used a VED for several years. AMS 700 LGX installed 8-7-19.

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Re: Very disappointed

Postby barrosa » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:37 pm

I am waiting for my implant so I can't advise you.

Reading to your story I miss if you are satisfied with the activation way and the hardness of your implant.

Pain is absolutely gone?

Wish you all the best
32 years old. ED all life. Alleged venous leak. Surgery in 2020

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Re: Very disappointed

Postby WhiteCane » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:44 pm

First of all, I’m sorry about all of the misfortune… Do you know what brand of implant you had? Maybe I missed that in your comment… I’m using a blind people phone that is selective about what it reads… Just keep cycling… It might take six months to 18 months for it to work but you should gain some length back… It’s too short of a time to know what’s going to happen if you just started using it in October… honestly, most guys say six months and they are good… If your doctor gave you an LGX, you should be a nice shape to recover a lot of that length… sorry if this is scattered… Best of luck! Don’t lose hope, please!

Lost Sheep
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Re: Very disappointed

Postby Lost Sheep » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:56 pm

Grayfox wrote:I'm single now but looking. Frankly I'd be plumb embarrassed for a woman to see this pitiful thing. :oops:
What pisses me off is that I could get a full inch longer and much thicker with the VED. I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I intend to get an answer to that.
Has anybody here experienced something like this? I'd be thankful for any advice or information.

Before implant, I could get an erection with vacuum far greater than I could get by pills or vigorous stimulation (which was very near my pre-E.D. youthful erections). That is, vacuum from outside the penis produces a significantly larger erection than inflation from tissues (or implant) inside the penis. The vacuum pulls tissues forward (appearing as more length), inflates the glans very effectively (more length) and inflates all tissues around your penis (more girth).

As far as embarrassment, any woman who gets to the point of seeing your penis has already decided to give it a try for fit in her vagina or elsewhere. And, once she has experienced the fact of no refractory period, she is likely to not mind at all the size.
Lost Sheep
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Re: Very disappointed

Postby tomas1 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:29 pm

OP didn't mentioned RTEs?
If none were used, I'd worry about erect length.
I hope he will demand answers to that during the follow-up.
Contrary to popular belief, doctors aren't gods nor are they infallible.
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Re: Very disappointed

Postby Agfa13 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:54 pm

Greyfox, sorry about your misfortune too, but like Whitecane said, just keep cycling the AMS you were implanted with.
In 9 mos time, give us an update.
As for women being disappointed, being hung is not all it is cracked up to be. As Lostsheep said, once the women find out about your none existent refractory period, and ability to bring her the big O several times over with your cock, I too, seriously doubt they will care what size you are:)!
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Document your current penile size: photos and written records
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Re: Very disappointed

Postby oneperson » Tue Nov 26, 2019 6:30 am

A micro-pennis is a pennis with less tan 7,5 cm erected (2,95"). That is an illness and I don't know if there is treatment. But what I am sure, is that every pennis above that measure, doesn't need treatment. Why? Because studies say that 6 cm (2,36") is all that a woman needs to get plenty satisfaction from intercourse.

So with 4", which for example, is more than I have 10 weeks after surgery, is more than enough to satisfy any woman in the world. And more when you don't have refraction period.

I am surprised about the importance men give to pennis size. It may be because mine has been always small (not more than 12 cm (4,72") in the best case, and I have never had the minimum problem to satisfy a woman. Not because of my size, because my ED, yes.
Implanted September 12nd 2019. Coloplast Titan OTR 20 cm + 1 cm RTE. Dr Cruz (Spain). Liver transplanted. Born in 1967. ED since 24 in different degrees. Pills stopped working in March 2019. Injections caused much pain.

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Re: Very disappointed

Postby WhiteCane » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:54 am

Anyone else wish it were possible to just throw this thing in the dryer like our old mini league gloves? it was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever experienced feeling this thing hard for the first time… Actually, second to it not getting erect at all… Pretty close though! LOL

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Re: Very disappointed

Postby GoodWood » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:39 am

Greyfox, I don’t have an implant yet, I still use trimix. But I expect I will eventually get an implant as my trimix dose keeps going up.

I’ve read tons of posts here about guys experiences with their implants and had long conversations about what to expect.

You’ve have a tough road so far but you are on the road. You are not yet at your final destination. Keep cycling and you should expect to regain some length and girth. No one can tell you how much yet, but keep at it.

I concur with the previous responses about what women are looking for. By the time you are together in the nude she wants to have an intimate physical experience with YOU, not just your penis. The fact that you will be able to get as hard as you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want, is a BIG deal. You’ll be able to go far longer than any non-bionic man she has even encountered.

You’be been through hell, but “when you are going through hell, keep going, don’t stop.”
51yo. Progressively worsening ED over 6 years. No HTN, DM, or related health issues. 20-40mg of Sildenafil or TriMix (30mg, 4mg, 40mcg) 45 units. Doses have been increasing so staying open to the idea of an implant. Pumping daily to maintain size.

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Re: Very disappointed

Postby vajim1 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:32 am

Do you have any pain in your penis when fully pumped? Are you trying to add more pumps after waiting a few minutes?
Ved pumped size will always be longer than any other generated erection.
It will take a lot of time to get your length and girth back, don't give up.
I still get pain in my penis at 11 weeks when fully pumped so I know I am still growing.
76 year old fart. Prostate removed Oct. 9, 2017,Psa 30 days after .15 next Psa .2. 37 Radiation treatments for recurrent cancer, 1 year out Psa .033 ZERO ERECTIONS, implanted Sept 5 2019 Dr. Lentz Duke Raleigh N.C. Titan 22cm.

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