After the consultation with my doctor because the pump failure

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After the consultation with my doctor because the pump failure

Postby oneperson » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:56 pm

Today I have been in the consultation after my pump failed and worked again.

I am not going to need surgery. It is better to avoid chances of infection unless it is absolutely neccesary.

Pain in the tip of glans when fully pumped: It will go fading as time passes (the doctor says).
Prominent tubes to the front side of testicles: I have to work with the size of the scrotum and the tubes lenght. I try to hide them and put in stiches to hold them in the proper place, but sometimes the scrotum is small or the stiches loose or fall, and then the tubes, which cannot be shortened by any means, prolapse to the front. Many times they end going to back by itselves, but if not, I only send the pacient to surgery if they are absolutely unconfortable. If the patien can live with them, I don't enter the surgery. Again, infection is the very worst enemy. (The doctor says)
Size of pennis. How is it possible that a 20 cm cylinders + cm RTE end with a 9,9 cm pennis? It is supposed to be at least 12 cm: Sometimes the crux is too deep and 1/3 - 2/3 rule doesn't occurs. But it has been very few time since your surgery. I am convinced that with time and cycling, you will go up to 11 cm or even 12, at least /the doctor says)
Sex relationship impossible because of pain: inflate enough to be erected and able to penetrate, not enought to have pain and use lubricant. (The doctor says).
And beging to cycle more agressively. Up to one hour (without too much pain) is permited (the doctor says).
Implanted September 12nd 2019. Coloplast Titan OTR 20 cm + 1 cm RTE. Dr Cruz (Spain). Liver transplanted. Born in 1967. ED since 24 in different degrees. Pills stopped working in March 2019. Injections caused much pain.

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