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Activated Today

Postby Pete5829 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:05 pm

My Doc activated me today. I have the AMS 700. I was surprised when he said that I was basically at full inflation that It was much shorter than my natural erections (long ago as I remember) about 1" shorter maybe a bit more. Also my girth which previously had been my 'super power' - women would often comment on it is now quite average bordering on slender. He says it will be very functional and hard and long enough for penetration, I am skeptical.

He also said that there are some kinks in the tubing at the base that will work out through cycling and should give me some more length. Also the pump is rock hard and the first time I tried to cycle on my own was nearly impossible.

He told me that I could try intercourse with my wife beginning now and we have a 'play date' for tomorrow morning after we drop the kids at school.

1. Does this work for everyone? (I guess Ill find out tomorrow - super nervous)
2. I know its a frequent topic but - will I regain any length? Girth?
3. Tips for the first time(s)

Thanks - I was so excited to have the capability to have intercourse again and now I am a bit discouraged and kinda freaking out.

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Re: Activated Today

Postby mikestap » Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:27 pm

Pete, my two cents.
Try not to be nervous. Your wife is your friend. The two of you are on a journey together. Tomorrow is the first step. Laugh. Have fun. Explore together.

Take a hot bath if permitted; if not a hot shower. This can soften the pump.

If you have kinks at the base, consider missionary or doggy. If your wife is on top, that could make the kinks uncomfortable.

Take your time.

Best to you both...
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Re: Activated Today

Postby FreddyFree » Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:37 pm

Pete5829 wrote:3. Tips for the first time(s)

First, congrats!

For me with pills and trimix, we would go at it with a frenetic pace to try and have some kind of orgasm, mine or hers before I would lose the erection. Now, we don’t need to. We have had several 2 hour sessions. Where we just enjoy each other’s bodies . I don’t recommend a 2 hour session at first, take it easy, enjoy each other and be aware of how junior is doing. He could still be tender. You don’t want the first one being an unpleasant experience. You’ve been patient to let him heal, make sure you don’t have a set back.

Size wise, I am an inch shorter and an inch less in girth. I’m disappointed by the size reduction. My wife also notices the size difference. HOWEVER! The fact that junior is hard as long as we want, she is ecstatic about my bionic ability. She has often orgasmed 3-4 times a session! She now initiates sex! Never did before. So I’m happy.

Eventually you will be able to fuck for hours! ENJOY!!!!
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Re: Activated Today

Postby Toronto67 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:43 pm

Welcome to the club!!

Time is key in the process, my doctor told me the implant and my penis will change a lot during the first year and today after just 4 1/2 months I can see a lot of difference vs. my first day after being activated.

The first time my wife and I had sex after the implant she was kind of disappointed and it was very painful, today it is a completely different story, she said it feels different when holding it in her hand but when I am inside of her she loves it and I am not longer experience any pain. I can also pump it now all the way (22 full pumps and about 8 to 10 more half pumps)

My girth after I was first activated was all also very thin but that is not longer the case, my length is about the same, a bit shorter than I remember it was before my implant but I am Ok with it.

The bottom line it that your penis is different now, you need to be patience and pump it once or twice everyday (I keep it pumped for at least 30 mins), with time your implant and penis will improve and you will enjoy it a lot. Be patience and do not try to rush the healing process, you want to avoid infections and/or breaking something.
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Re: Activated Today

Postby Happy Toy » Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:26 am

Give it TIME! I was a littler over 1/2" shorter at 8 weeks, now I'm at a year and a half from my surgery and have gained back both my life long length and girth, 5.5" x 5.5". Love my 4" flaccid size from less then an inch pre-implant. Love my implant!
Remember, time is your best friend. Congrats, Andy
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