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Re: guys with wives

Postby TANGERINE » Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:36 am

you state: :
At this time I'm single with Ed issues and possible implant in the future. Do you guys mind asking your wives and there single friends if they would have a relationship with a man lmplanted?

My answer: In the dating scene, there is nothing worse then having ED. The women feel like failures, and the man feels like a failure. All around bad news. The Implant is a surgical cure for ED, and it is a great cure that turns you into a sexual machine that can last forever. Prostate Cancer means that you are sort of like a war survivor -- you had a problem, there were side effects of getting cured (ED) and you had the balls to man up and get a surgical fix (implant). I do not think that any woman would have a problem with that. It is true that some women gain a "validation of their sexual attractiveness through the production of an erection in their man" butI think from a woman's perspective, that small desire for validation pales in comparison to the horrors of dealing with the troubles of an impotent mate.

So, get the implant, the women will love it. You will love it. It will work wonders for your self confidence knowing you can F..k for as long as you want, anytime that you want, and any place that you want in a truly stud like fashion.

Just do it --- you will look upon the decision as the best medical decision you have ever made.
"Strive hard to find the best implant surgeon -- surgical experience really matters"
(55 yo with Titan 22cm implant Feb 2017 by Dr Eid) Great experience -- I'm super pleased with my length and girth and implant performance.

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Re: guys with wives

Postby Smetro » Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:20 am

My good mate are the man! :)
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Re: guys with wives

Postby ft8790 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:56 am

Tangerine, can you message me your surgeons name and what state? Thank you
53 years old, tumors both sides of prostate treated with HIFU May 2019 current ED using cialis and viagra not very effective, recently divorced concerned on trying to move forward with ED issue

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Re: guys with wives

Postby stephen54 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:45 pm

ft8790 wrote:Hi all, I see a lot of you with wives involved with whole implant process to sex for the first time. Congratulations to you! I' was getting divorced and diagnosed with PCa at the same time and treated for the cancer. At this time I'm single with Ed issues and possible implant in the future. Do you guys mind asking your wives and there single friends if they would have a relationship with a man lmplanted?

Absolute enthusiastic yes from my wife to your question. She's actually laughing about it because as she said "I love dicks, why would I can HOW they get hard?". Like, she was almost confused by the question.

For us, we've been ridiculously transparent and open about everything. Everything. So the ED and all that followed (pills, injections, consideration of implant, and my implant itself 5 days ago).

Our experience has been that we all...have...our...shit. We may not all see it. Or know what to do with it in a given moment. But rest assured we all have our shit. Her included. So the revelation for she and I has been that we are simply dead ass honest. Through embarrassing moments, through my anger and frustration, and through her fears and worries. There are laughs in there, too. Plenty. In terms of my ED? She has been in the loop...thoroughly, meaningfully in the loop on all of what I was confronting, how I felt, what the technologies and treatments were, etc.

Being that open about things is a really, really vulnerable place to put yourself. But all I can say is that, when you give your partner a wide open window to your vulnerabilities, you are trusting her. When you deeply trust her...she can deeply trust you. And your intimacy just naturally deepens, deepens. For what it's worth...

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