The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

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The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby smphead » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:05 am

Penile Prosthesis Market Gain Impetus due to the Growing Demand over 2029
By Editor -September 17, 201908

Penile prosthesis is a therapeutic device which is embedded inside the corpora cavernosa of the penis through a surgery. Penile inserts are otherwise called penile prostheses, inflatable penile prostheses, and interior penile prosthesis pumps. Penile prosthesis are utilized in men with erectile dysfunction or natural or treatment-safe impotence that can be brought about by physical conditions, for example, prostate malignant growth, cardiovascular ailments, Peyronie’s infection, pelvic injury, or diabetes. Penile diseases can likewise be brought about by spinal cord damage. They may have a psychogenic segment. ... over-2029/

Penile prosthesis Market: Drivers and Restraints

A few new advances are being created to treat ED including external penile support device, penile vibrators, nanotechnology, tissue building, and endovascular innovation. These advancements are required to reform the treatment strategy for ED. Changing way of life propensities, for example, drinking liquor, smoking, and business related pressure are a portion of the variables liable to drive the penile prosthesis market during the figure time frame. Increasing frequency of erectile dysfunctions and increasing mindfulness about penile illnesses and advanced items and systems are additionally expected to drive the penile prosthesis market in the forecasted period. However, the risks related with these inserts like infections, embed issues, and inward disintegration alongside increase number of complaints like loss of penile length, too hard pump, and inappropriate swelling of the glans of the penis are expected to be restraining factor for growth of Penile prosthesis market. Likewise, accessibility of less intrusive treatment strategies for erectile dysfunction additionally expected to limit the market development.
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby Evinrude » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:51 am

Your topic title seems a bit misleading.... no "cure ED" alternatives listed with any details or backup, plus they exaggerate the limitations of penile implants such as loss of size...not mentioning that many have a gain in size eventually for example.
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby JH2007 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:48 am

Does seem a little dated that link I mean do they even make the Dura II,
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby Gt1956 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:52 am

People are always looking for something better, especially if surgery is involved. My opinion only, others may disagree. Most people overlook how difficult it is to move away from an established treatment that has a long successful history. All things considered, penile implants are fairly cheap, durable & reliable.
I have known several people with artificial knees. Great product but even now a bit trouble plagued. One co-worker, several years after. Still complained that it was still painful day to day. Another co-worker, first knee went great. The second knee took a total of 5 tries to get one that worked. Guy was on crutches for several years. My own sister in law still isn't very mobile after 5-7 years. I'm not trying to bash knees, just that even successful implant surgeries have some not so great results.
Back to penile implants. It is a small market & I'd be surprised if a company could see a window of opportunity to break in & make money. Look at what is working against a broader installed base. You need a guy that wants sex, is healthy enough for sex & is willing to go through a very tender surgery. Now comes another hard part to overcome. Does he have a spouse or partner that would like to have an active sex life? I'm sure we all know of some couples that are sexless. Whether by health or by choice.
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Lost Sheep
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby Lost Sheep » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:40 pm

The article cited in the original post is from a Consultant in a Business Consulting Industry Magazine. Need I say more?
Lost Sheep
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby Gt1956 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:49 pm

Lost Sheep wrote:The article cited in the original post is from a Consultant in a Business Consulting Industry Magazine. Need I say more?

Yup, it is my observation that the consultant get paid......even for bad ideas.
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby SW0110 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:04 pm

I did not get much from reading it actually. It mentioned the same negative issues we all had to think about before being implanted.

Risk of infection
Difficulty of putting the implant in
Risk of erosion

Pretty much the same things you have to deal with in any type of implant. I really think over time penile implants may become actually more prevalent. But who knows for sure. They definitely dropped over the past ten years due to increase in pill prescriptions. And generic ones will keep that trend going for a while probably. Peyronies though might change it though.

Several years ago you never saw a Learn About The Curve commercial. I wonder why peyronies has now become such a large enough market to deserve it's own major marketing campaign. Obviously it is to push xiaflex and other injection therapies. There are also surgeries for it. Interesting it has become more and more prevalent in men.

Viagra and cialis. I wonder how many men went to a general urologist after having ed show up. Even if there was an event which might have triggered it, and was told you are just getting old. No tests no nothing, just take viagra.

I took it, kept trying to have sex with a hit or miss erection. Doc said take more pills. Eventually up to 100 mg. Guess what. Really fin expensive. Drug companies got more money. No insurance for the pills. Thousands of Personal dollars spent.

Kept having sex, sometimes successful most times not. Mental and emotional turmoil for both me and my spouse.

Then one day, I found a lump in my shaft. My first thought was a tumor of some kind. Idiot me had never heard of peyronies. My shaft starts bending upward. The start of a long journey.

I am certain I caused my peyronies trying to have sex with a semi soft erection. So now we have peyronies commercials in prime time and evidently more men getting it. I wonder if it is the side affect of more of us using pills and having sex with a somewhat soft dick and it bending more than it should when going in and out of a body.

The one thing all the docs i saw agreed on is the titan will fix my peyronies once and for all. A nice side affect is i can now have a really hard erection for sex. I know in my insurance papers it said a penile implant was covered for Peyronies Disease or any other medical reason for ed. More peyronies, more potential for implants over time as you go about the journey of living with it. Every doc I saw said I could try the other methods to fix it but did not seriously push them. Just the implant. Other options MIGHT help for a while but I will eventually need the implant anyway to permanently fix the disease. Also I would no longer have to deal with a shortening dick. At least where I am on day of implant is my shortest length. It should just get longer after implant not shorter.

So an implant on it's own will fix peyronies. I really get tired of people posting the negatives. If you do not want an implant do not get one. But if you do not have one why feel the need to point them out. You are never going to deal with them.

I figured I still have a set of balls and wanted a hard erection to go with them. I researched all the negatives but for me and my balls, and my wife, the implant was my only choice.

So, yes over the last few years implants have declined but I wonder with the increase in peyronies how long until it reverses and becomes the best and only option for more and more men. When it is, they should get better and better like they have been doing over the last 20 years.

I have one. I and my wife love it. It is not my old normal self, so what. That was gone and never coming back. My implanted self is pretty close.

In summary, if you have a set of balls, or not, but want a hard dick, get comfortable with the negatives, find the best doc you can and get implanted.
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby Gt1956 » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:26 pm

SW0110, your post has some really good points. Honestly, I don't know the number of implants now or in the past. I can understand that if the affordability of the erectile drugs got better that there could easily be a drop or a flat spot in the use of implants. But, another way to look at the big picture is more men are treating ed. At some future time, as these meds start to lose their effectiveness. These couples will likely seek out the next step in the treatment plans. Thus perhaps an uptick in implants. After all these couples have demostrated that they want a sex life & are willing to treat it. Jumping straight from ed to an implant is a pretty big leap. I'm thinking that a few years of meds might make the jump a bit easier.
I've said on several posts that I just don't see any earth shattering break through coming for the meds or implants. Incremental improvements will happen.
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby Smetro » Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:37 am

My experience of so called ‘meds’ was ok at the beginning, but ended up all but useless, with really annoying side effects.
Maybe Viagra et al are effective for mild ED but when the real deal ED hits something stronger is required and the primary enforcers are:
injections, which are effective but a pain in the dick and are awkward when dating and; good old implants.....the surest, most effective and reliable solution to date.
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Re: The beginning of the end of the Penile Implant?

Postby RayChez » Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:38 am

I agree that nothing beats an implant. I had Carverject and it was so painful sticking that small needle on the side of the penis that it was getting tramatized and was causing side effects. Viagra did not work. So yes I agree with Smetro that implant is the best way to go.
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