Injury Related ED [cross post from general]

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Injury Related ED [cross post from general]

Postby SpiritWhirl » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:59 am

I will try and state the facts in an unbiased manner. Last month I sustained an suspected injury using a vaccumm erection device, in an attempt at girth enhancement. I used the device without a pressure gauge, and inflated to a point where the penis was engorged to much greater than my usual girth for approximately 25 minutes, although I did not feel any pain. Since this incident I have not been able to obtain a natural erection, nocturnal erections have ceased and I am not responsive to pde5 inhibitors. I have not tried injectables. My andrologist has prescribed dental 400, pentoxyfiline to help with blood flow and told me to wait 6 weeks (of which 2 weeks has elapsed). Prior to this incident I have had no erection problems. My urologists and andrologists locally are unwilling to perform duplex sonographs, stating that my problem is merely psychogenic. I have had an physical examination and MRI which has come back normal. I have noticed that the penis has shrunk in size and has lost all rigidity, the glans often feels cold and has a lifeless colour (typically it is bright pink). Overall the penis feels lighter than it typically was. My main concern is that the tunica albuginea has been structurally compromised. My question is that, will I still be a candidate for IPP surgery?

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Re: Injury Related ED [cross post from general]

Postby FMLFML85 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:54 am

Thats how ED started for me 3 years ago. I was a dumb ass and over pumped and held it to long, I did this many times. pills worked for a few months then stopped. I switched to injections and they worked for less then a year.
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Re: Injury Related ED [cross post from general]

Postby Lost Sheep » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:09 pm

Thanks for posting your testimony, SpiritWhirl and welcome to the forum.

Your story should also be prominently displayed in the "Pumps (Vacuum Erection Device)" sub-forum. Penises are generally pretty resilient , but clearly subject to a number of different traumas. Your story may prevent uncounted numbers of men from injury.

If your injury is just a leak of the tunica, it may heal (or possibly be amenable to surgical repair). I have no clue about the loss of warmth and colour. That would prompt me to find another urologist/andrologist IMMEDIATELY (the shrinkage, if left too long will -in my opinion- eventually be permanent). Find one who SPECIALIZES in sexual function. Dr. Eid advised me "Find a surgeon in love with his craft." Such a Doctor will put your welfare above all other considerations. You need a Physician with a personal commitment to restoring men's sexual health. (It seems to me your medical advisers are not so committed. They are either lazy or feel that, since you did this to yourself, you don't deserve their attention, so are trying to ignore the obvious. THIS IS A LAY OPINION, JUDGMENTAL AND POSSIBLY UNWARRANTED and also triggered by anger at what seems to me to be a cavalier attitude toward a patient in need, so with that caveat, it is my first impression.)

You can be healed, I am sure of it. But time is running.
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Re: Injury Related ED [cross post from general]

Postby robertm » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:28 pm

The "psychogenic" diagnosis is a cop-out for incompetent urologists, in my humble opinion. The vast majority of ED problems are physical. And given your recent experiences with the VED it's obviously physical, though I'm not making an official diagnosis...I'm just a guy with an opinion. Sorry you're having these issues. Wish you the best.
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