My implant turned 1

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My implant turned 1

Postby MK1965 » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:30 am

Just want to reflect on my implant experience.
My implant is turning 1 today. Year ago today, I was implanted with Titan Coloplast 18 cm with 1 RTE. My recovery was bumpy and slow. Started cycling on 12th post op day. When first started cycling, I was only 3.75 inches erect with 4.75 girth. My length started improving slowly and reached 4.5 inches about 4 months later. That 4.5 inches was my starting point before implant- stretched flaccid length. At around 6 months, I had significant improvement with stretch in length of 1 inch. One day while cycling, my penis sprung and extended out with brief feeling of pain like rubber band snap. I am now at 5.5 inches, on good days 5.75” when I take 5 mg Tadalafil and my glans get engorged. I am happy with the length despite being 1 inch shorter which is not related to implant . My loss of length is related to RP for prostate Ca.
As the matter of fact, with implant I gained 1” back but I am still 1 inch short from my pre RP and my lifelong length. I don’t have problem with that.
One thing that bothers me still,1 year after implant, is my flaccid state which is still where it was at 6 months. It is still at 45 degrees or 4:30. I don’t think it will improve more.
I like my flaccid length of around 4.5” and no more turteling and hiding inside my body.
Sex with implant is not much different compared to normal erection. I need lots of time to reach my orgasm but I would say, that is mostly related to RP and that was the case even before implant.
My first sex with implant was at day 75 post surgery. Now, I would like to use it more often but that is not the case. My wife is in full blown menopause and is having less and less interest in sex.
When it happens, sex is good and enjoyable. Hope for improvement in that matter. I heard some women become sex crazy in menopause. Wish that to happen to my wife.
From my experience with Titan, if I ever need replacement, definitely won’t be Titan .
Looking forward to yers ahed.
Tried to attach photos but it did not work.
IPP 9/5/18; Coloplast TITAN OTR 18 cm 1cm RTE, Dr. Khera Baylor Houston,Prostate Ca at 51 y/o; RARP 11/2/16, ED Post RP, Cialis, Viagra, VED no usable erection, April 2017, TRIMIX painful, BIMIX tolerable but ineffective,lost 2+ inches of length after RP

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