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Re: Vacuum Device

Postby Lost Sheep » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:14 pm

Magicmike wrote:What device is better air are water.

With air, you can use it anywhere and not worry about spills
Lost Sheep
Born 1948 AMS LGX 18+3 implant Nov 6, 2017 by Dr Tavis Shaw. Spent 14 months researching in effort to optimize outcome. After 30 yrs of progressive unrecognized ED I will do this RIGHT; no second chance with one's first.
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Re: Vacuum Device

Postby oldbeek » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:33 am

used VED every day after RP also tri-mix every 5 days to keep healthy blood flow. This was set up by my physical therapist the specializes in incontinence and penile rehabilitation. Just 9 months between RP and IPP. Had a excellent hard dick before RP. Should have just lived with cancer till it killed me. Feeling in my dick has never been the same. Actually the injection hard on was much better than the implant hard on. RP fucked up my life.
77, good health, RP 7-2017, all nerves taken , PSA 0.05, 4-18,, .08 11/18,.07 1/19,.05 4/19, Pain with trimix, implant 4-18, Infra-pubic, AMS lgx 15 cm with 5cm rte. Implant at USC Keck. Dr Boyd

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