A lot of questions about my malleable implant

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A lot of questions about my malleable implant

Postby Ahknaten » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:15 pm

Hey everyone

I get a lot of questions about malleable implants vs inflatable as I’ve been through both. Honestly I prefer the malleable one. I see to have a lot of trouble with the placement of the inflatable cylinders and they use to protruding just under the glans. The girth was superior with inflatable but was very cumbersome to inflate especially when my cock and balls were lubed up. I also found the pump in my scrotum sticking out. It was very obvious that I had an implant. The malleable implant was waaaay better and honestly less obvious when another guy would hold and stroke my cock. The feeling of being hard all the time was very erotic and I used to love showing it off in the shower/locker room. I would take extra long showers the other guys would stare and I would enjoy seeing other guys get hard in response to seeing me hard especially soaking up in the shower. Even straight guys would get hard. A couple of times it sparked a jerk off completion between a few guys in the shower. It was very very erotic and we would never touch each other in public locker room but we would touch ourselves in front of each other. Instead of dreading the locker room I would look forward to it. When waiting downtown at the bus stop the guys would really appreciate my bulge in my pants to. Being erect all the time was great for my ego! I used to live in a red neck town but even the straight blue collar guys would love to see my always hard cock. My original size before priapism was 7.5” long by 7.75” circumference I used to have a monster and would have to object myself. I tried the inflatable and my size decreased to 6” long by 6” circumference when inflated. I had so much trouble with the placement of left cylinder as my original hard cock the left side had a twist to it and was a little longer than the right. The urologist and I figured the malleable could be placed more accurately so I hac a second surgery to get a malleable one. The side they used was 21cm by 18mm with 3cm tips. They had the AMS representative present for surgery too. Wow what a difference the malleable rods provided. My side decreased to 4.75” long by 5” wide and I loved the new size! It used to be toooooo wide and I would strike terror in anyone receiving it up thier backside! I found the smaller side waaaAy superior too. Dunno why maybe it’s because I was always hard n ready. To me it was waaay more natural than the inflatable as the cylinders were perfectly placed under the glans about halfway through. I had a terrible spine injury 4 years ago and just 6 months ago had the implant taken out due to infection. My cock really shrank but at least I have my foreskin back. Lots of foreskin which I really love. The shrinkage provided me with an extra amount of foreskin which I really really love. I always appreciated long foreskin guts especially the ones who foreskin doesn’t retract well. Mmmm yummy! I guess there’s always something good about the cock. Every guy is unique and beautiful down there. Every is born with a special unique gift. I really miss the locker room days with the malleable implant hehehe that was an awesome experience I used to go to the swimming pool every day and enjoyed extra long hot showers with other guys getting erotically hard and soaped up. I wound up in a circle jerk a few times it was awesome watching other guys stroke tier cocks too. No touching each other but we certainly stared and watched each other masturbate and ejaculate. Mmmmm I really miss my malleable implant. Personally I find inflatable implants more obvious as the pump in the scrotum was weird to anyone stroking my cock. Now with the malleable I don’t have the pump which to me is waaay more natural. Don’t get hung up about being hard all the time it’s a very erotic sensation especially when guys would appreciate my constant bulge. I used to wear no underwear with wearing loose gym shorts. I would even get guys interested at the bus stop My forever hard cock was really a benefit not a deficit. It is smaller than my original cock with injections but I like it sooooo much more though. Check out my pictures and you will see how awesome malleable implants can be. Hugs to everyone Kristopher McKenzie
My malleable implant
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I lost a lot of length but I much prefer it like this
2582DD35-E33A-4F31-B1F7-C9F7B15531AB.jpeg (41.91 KiB) Viewed 291 times
Malleable implant
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Re: A lot of questions about my malleable implant

Postby CTR5000 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:07 pm

Just my personal opinion... but I think you had WAY too much fun writing that, Kristopher.

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Re: A lot of questions about my malleable implant

Postby RayChez » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:27 pm

I would never have a malleable because of my size. Eight inches it would be impossible to hide it. Wearing dress pants it would stick out too much.
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Re: A lot of questions about my malleable implant

Postby ED2013 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:44 pm

Glad you’re happy. I wouldn’t wanna see a jerkoff competition myself but a fingerbang competition would be nice lol
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Re: A lot of questions about my malleable implant

Postby briefs » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:29 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience. That's a great story.
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