Do we know of anyone choosing an implant for cosmetic reasons?

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Re: Do we know of anyone choosing an implant for cosmetic reasons?

Postby Larry10625 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:02 pm

Lost Sheep wrote:
Gt1956 wrote:Dr. Kramer has a video on YouTube where he comments that he is working on a male porn star. Seems to fit your scenario in my mind.

I believe that particular actor may be a member of FrankTalk and has posted here (or another actor with a similar story). He attested that his career (in gay porn) had to change (from being a bottom to being a top) because of E.D. Getting an implant changed that, obviously.

But the suggestion has also been made that an implant would be quite a "tool" for an actor in the porn industry.

There was a new member here a few months ago. He said he needed the implant because of the competition out there for guys lasting so long. He only posted a few times and then disappeared. :)


I found him but he must have deleted his post. I had asked him to add a signature and he never responded to it and I don't think he even open it up becvause it never went to mt out folder.

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Broader question: Do we know of anyone choosing an implant for cosmetic reasons?

Postby Lost Sheep » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:14 pm

A broader version of the question:

Does anyone know of a man who has had ANY KIND of penis surgery for cosmetic reasons?

Circumcision comes close to purely cosmetic, but has had some hygienic/health justifications put forth.

I know removal of warts might be considered cosmetic, but warts may be able transmit the wart-causing virus.

Discoloration, scar tissue that does not inhibit coitus might be features correctible by purely cosmetic medical procedures.
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