Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

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Re: Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

Postby navy6587 » Sun Apr 19, 2020 9:09 pm

oldbeek & MK1965...interesting and thanks for the update! "Hard" to believe that I'm now almost 2.5 years post-op. Still willing to show and tell anyone in the Greater Richmond VA area who may be contemplating inplantation. Also, still recommending any highly respected volume implanter but NEVER any Virginia Urology docs/ ambulatory surgical center! Some horrible memories never die.

72 y/o; wed 50 yrs; ED 15+ yrs. Fired by 1st doc (Szobota - VA Uro) asked too many q's & contact w/ Coloplast rep. New doc: Ellen (VA Uro) implanted 11/8/18. 22cm Titan + a 2cm RTE each side; moron doc, intake/ dischg nurses! Will NEVER do it again!

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