Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

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Re: Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

Postby Larry10625 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:54 pm

navy6587 wrote:Both are interesting pics. I also have a 2 cm RTE on each cylinder that would poke the exits a bit more forward. However, I know what I'm feeling. It could be that the surgeon still brought the tubing out on the sides of the cavernosa instead of underneath. Possible that the cavernosa incision was so wide that it allowed the tubing to slide to the sides as I lay on the table and the surgeon just sewed it shut not really caring where the tubing lay. Anyway, it's just one more 'nit' that most other implantees don't have that I do. Says a lot about my choice of butchers.

Well buddy, you're right, only you know what you are feeling. Are you or have you discussed this with your surgeon?? :)

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Re: Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

Postby Floridian » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:13 pm

Going over your description of your implant tubing, it seems apparent that there is something wrong Navy! There should be no bump along the base of your shaft. As you say they should go downto the pump. I tried to trace mine and feel around there and feel the cylinders running along the shaft. You definitely should return to your doctor no matter what.

there is plenty of room in your scrotum for the pump and the tubing. The tubing and the pump should have been pulled down after the implant and Dr. Eid made certain of that. I wonder if you could try to pull down "the innards " of your sac. Hell the doctor did mine and he did pull down hard.

Good luck and I hope that you get it all down in your sac.

Titan implanted by Dr Eid---- Due to the "wasting" from Peyronies, Implant was the only option for me.

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Re: Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

Postby MK1965 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:47 pm

[quote="navy6587"]My cylinders do retain a nice amount of saline. However, that isn't the reason I began this thread. My cylinder tubing comes out of the sides of my cylinders, not the bottoms as I believe they should. Where do all of your cylinder tubes exit? The bottom of your cylinders or elsewhere? Focus, please...


What you described with your tubing and connection on the sides left and right and not on bottom side of tubing, it is exactly same in my case. I also had Titan which was installed peno-scrotaly and also had ventral scrotoplasty (correction of turtle neck). I see this as issues with mypenis pointing straight out even when deflated . I am 7 months out of surgery and my penis still has strange angle which drives me crazy. At the best, when totally squized out, and with tight underwear it is at 4:30 or 45 degrees.
When fully inflated, place were tubing meets cylinders is wisible on both sides of penis and almost 1 inch long and widens that part of shaft close to the body looking like my penis has redundant wings or cobras head just before attacking.
So, you are not alone.
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Re: Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

Postby navy6587 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:47 pm

More interesting comments and real life results. Seems some of you feel no tubing at all except when they flow together into the pump or just above it inside your scrotum. Others are winding around resembling some of the nation's interstate cloverleaf. I agree that some surgeon's should NOT be permitted to perform implants at all...mine is at the top of that list, and I fired him for many reasons, not the least of which is his product and procedural ignorance! I will not return to him, as my signature section indicates. I thought I was alone in this issue...unfortunately, I find that I am not. I'll just have to make the best of these protrusions and guide hands away from them during lovemaking. A word to the wise man investigating implantation as a means of solving his ED dilemma... Get into these details with your surgeon! Make sure you hold him totally responsible for everything that happens in the OR! I appreciate all y'alls input. Edd
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Re: Cylinder Tubing Exit Scheme

Postby SW0110 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:22 am

6 weeks from my titan implant and thought i would see if i can feel any tubes. I can feel nothing except at the base of my dick on the bottom where scrotum is. Even those are not really noticeable and i have to scrounge around to feel that. Cannot feel any tubes either going up to reservoir but after surgery thought they were on right side of shaft in the pubic fat pad.

I do wonder why i got that 125 reservoir though when most get the 100. Oh well. I should have plenty of saline i guess.
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