Titan gains of 1/10 inch

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Titan gains of 1/10 inch

Postby DougAnd » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:42 am

This will be short. on my phone yesterday I googled penile implants loss of length. Dozens of studies sites etc came up. One was 117 Titan patients done by different surgeons in the same surgery facility and measured before surgery and on their follow up one year later. Fully pumped the average gain was 1/10 inch. I assume that some gained and others were even, some lost.
I have an LGX and in 8 months I have gained 1/4 inch more than the night of my surgery.
Be wary of self serving reports. My uro did a pre surgery flaccid stretch of about 6.1 inches. Had I been part of this report then that would have been my base line . BUT his partner stretched out 6.3 inches and I stretched myself out to 6.5 inches. So that is a 2/5 inch (4/10ths) difference from my supposed base line. Numbers can and are fudged by biased observers. You need a 3rd party unbiased source. Of course I am a first party very biased source. So. :D
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