Delayed ejaculation - is this common after penile implant?

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Re: Delayed ejaculation - is this common after penile implant?

Postby bobsteel » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:54 am

It takes me about three times as long then before implant ten months ago. The good news is that the orgasm is three times as long.
Probably because it takes longer to come. No sure.
Doesn't seem to change after ten months.
Married 71 yrs old Implanted 5/30/18. AMX 7oo cx ms 18 cm with 1 cm and 2cm rte. ED for many years. Pills stopped working and injections sort of helped. I sure miss the inch I lost but it works.

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Re: Delayed ejaculation - is this common after penile implant?

Postby postra7777 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:00 am

Time to orgasm during intercourse is about the same as it was before. However they are much more intense and last longer.... a lot longer. I also noticed that I ejaculate before I have my orgasm. Strange. Time to orgasm when I masturbate is extremely longer. My hand and arm gets tired and sometimes I just quit. Just grateful that it's not the other way around.
Suffered with ED for most of my life. Viagra then to Trimix then implanted 3/8/2018 with AMX 700 CX 21cm with 1cm RTE. 50 years old Urolift procedure performed 30 day prior to my implant surgery.


Re: Delayed ejaculation - is this common after penile implant?

Postby Larry10625 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:58 pm

DougAnd wrote:Hey LL,
It takes longer but what fun!!! Can't imagine time better spent. Like Larry I had severe PE (pre EJ) before implant. One touch a dribble and that was it. After implant that changed immediately. For me I had to masturbate more often to get used to the new feel. After I got that working well then I dropped self stimulation to let things build up. Now I'm back to normal heading into 8 months. By that I mean pre ED and PE normal. The good news is that even after cumming I can keep going. Be sure to take advantage of that. It's a whole new level of satisfaction.

Oh, I'll try that... :)


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Re: Delayed ejaculation - is this common after penile implant?

Postby Bandit » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:15 pm

I find it difficult to get off if i am pumped rock hard. Tends to be easier if i about 80%. But that is only intercourse. I can get off consistently with oral or masturbation. And i agree, if i have trouble cumming during sex, my wife starts to own it. That makes it even more difficult. Try to explain to her that it has nothing to do with my desire for her and its because i am mechanical. But like doug said, turn it into 4 orgasms for her and it helps her forget !
Born 1958, married. Prostate Cancer. RRP November/2014. PSA undetectable since. Implant May/2017 AMS700LGX 18 cm + 1.5 cm RTEs.

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