Serious Buyer's Remorse today....

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Re: Serious Buyer's Remorse today....

Postby Bandit » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:50 pm

See Smetro’s post, “once again, TIME gentlemen”. Could not agree more with what he said. I, like him have been implanted about two years. The implant becomes a part of you after a while but it really is an investment in yourself both physically and emotionally. It really does take time !
Born 1958, married. Prostate Cancer. RRP November/2014. PSA undetectable since. Implant May/2017 AMS700LGX 18 cm + 1.5 cm RTEs.

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Re: Serious Buyer's Remorse today....

Postby Xomanow » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:56 pm

A cold tip is an easy fix......just put it in someone's mouth......
Implanted Jan 4 2017 by Dr. Eid - 70 yo and single...ED gradually over 15 yrs...tired of pills, injections, cock rings....happy with my choice and results. Titan OTR - one 20cm cylinder - one 20cm+1 RTE...."got a rocket in my pocket"....

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Re: Serious Buyer's Remorse today....

Postby DougAnd » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:06 pm

Your reaction is totally normal. Everyone's brain wants what we had before ED. Your Titan gets softer takes awhile. It will eventually fall down normally. Takes awhile. You'll cum more normally. Takes awhile to adjust.
LGX 18cm+3cmRTE 8 / 8/18 by Docs Saracino , Prody of FL Disfigured by Implant. Married 31 years, Functionally impotent 2+ years. 4" day of surgery now 7" inflated after VED 6.5" without. Pump moved 12/4/18 by Dr Kata

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Re: Serious Buyer's Remorse today....

Postby HarryBelafonte » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:41 pm

LMCatman wrote:Once you can fuck, you'll see...... IT'S WORTH IT!!

amen brother!
67 year old implanted with 22 cm + extenders Titan Coloplast in 2013. Facing prostate robotic prostate removal on January 15, 2019. Am told that it will be nerve sparing hope that I will still have feeling . Gleeson 7; 4+3

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