Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby SW0110 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:41 pm

WOW, a lot different than my visits. The first three urologist surgeons I saw took one look at me. They told me you have peyronies. The best option for you is a titan implant. When do you want to schedule it. They did not really have any interest in answering my questions. All agreed xiaflex injections were probably useless. Told me I should use traction to see about stretching my dick. Back to it's old size. No tests. One did inject me with trimix. I asked if I could get around that size. At that time i was around 5.5 erect. He said it had no real correlation. The size you are is determined by measuring when they cut into your dick.needless to say I told all three of those I would get back with them. Not one mentioned any bad side effects or repercussions.

Oh. I will say surgeon three did tell me he could do excision surgery to remove the plaque, but would not do that and implant a titan at same time. It was to dangerous and could cause to much trauma to my unit, which could cause blood flow issues. This could lead to amputation. I had to pick one or the other. In addition, he said the excision surgery would at best be a temporary fix and in a year or so I would need the titan anyway so that should be my option to just fix everything.

Never saw any of those again. Went to 4th doc who did some tests, explained about both ams and coloplast, gave me my options, and said for me to think it over and get back with him. He also suggested the titan due to my peyronies curve.

Find another doc for another opinion. If they make you nervous period. Find another until you are comfortable.
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby alibaba » Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:10 am

Find another doctor. Clearly he does not want to do the work or has fucked up so many already that he is afraid of another failure. In time he will be happy doing clap inspections all day while your doctor number 2 or 18 has done you a fabulous job and you are fucking your way across Vegas. I am familiar with infected dicks and other types of failures. QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED DOCTORS HANDLE THOSE ISSUES AND MOVE AHEAD. They also have many SIMPLE tricks that prevent those issues. Several doctors have good records and infection rates from 0.38% to 1 % and have had periods as long as 2 years with none. Your Quackamania doc needs a shrink, maybe a care taker and to just pass out and collect the pee cups. Be strong, move on. From having many excuse maker don't want to do it docs experience of my own. I've no other opinions at this time so I shall retire to the place of slumber. Cheers buddy.
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby David_R » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:29 pm

I was on antiseptics before, during, and after my implant was put in. No problems. (I was there 23 hours so it would count as out-patient surgery rather than in-patient surgery, for insurance purposes.)
Age 70, Baltimore area. After prostate removal, CX inserted. Lasted 12 years, replaced with LGX. My uro. (for 20+ yrs): Dr. Marc Siegelbaum of Chesapeake Urology & Chief of Uro. Surgery at Univ. of Md. St. Joseph Med. Ctr. Have original length! :D

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby Vagabond127 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:46 pm

I concur with everyone else. Find another surgeon (obviously). Go out of your area if need be. Good luck!
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby handfulWES » Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:05 pm

I can't resist this one. I have had an implant for close to 27 years. I had 4 revisions not a hitch. On my 5th revision, I did end up with an infection that set in at the same time with and from the surgery. In most cases they would have titled it a Staff Infection. With that stated, I think they could have killed the infection but the interns working with my doctor at the VA hospital in Richmond, VA wouldn't get him for me and sent me home. I had an appointment the following week in a different clinic and I went by the urology department and requested that I see my doctor. Again denied. When I came back to urology for my first follow up, I got the damn interns and I was told my doctor was in emergency surgery. Each time the ER was over run with patients with a longer than normal wait time for this VA hospital. When my next follow up appointment my doctor was there. As I explained the situation to him he blew a fuse. He fired the 2 interns who BTW were in with me as I told the story. Then he stepped out for a moment and you could here him giving the staff at the front desk HOLY HELL and had them written up. He flatten my ass in the hospital as he tried to see if he could get the infection under control. After 7 days with IV antibiotics 3 times a day wasn't working. That had helped to bring my temp down from 102.8 to 100.9. I explained I had to go home to take care of things so he gave me oral antibiotics to take 3 times a day and I was to be back on I believe a Wednesday afternoon about 2 o'clock and admitted for surgery the following morning. That was a fucking nightmare as it took almost 7 hours of surgery to clean my insides out. He had to move every organ, intestines, both large and small, my kidneys oh hell everything from just under my stomach to my dick and balls. It was like taking a garden hose with a sprayer, sprayer loaded with antibiotics to do the job. While he was there he actually put in a brand new implant. When I came to I was so fucking sick and puke I did. My best friend was there sitting waiting for me to come back to my room. They have a lighted tracking board in the waiting room with everyone's name. Different lights light up telling the family where you are at in your process. It scared the shit out of Steve because I was in the OR so damn long. As soon as the doctor was finished, he went to see Steve and explain and he was paged to return to the recovery area. He told the nurse he wanted a needle and more of the anti-nausea and she was about to tell him and he said MOVE actually loud enough I am sure most of the hospital heard him. Every time I started to puke he shot more in me. He wanted me out of recovery and back in my room. He was glued to me. On the way I got sick again and he was up on the bed riding giving me some more IV push. When we reached my room he told me he was going to stay with me and I guess I had enough stuff to stop the puking but the pain was unreal. He told my nurse what he wanted and she was about to give him some lip and he said NOW DAMN IT. She jumped and gave him the vile of morphine and he was shooting it IV push as well. It wasn't long before I said I just can't stand it. I asked about the cocktail that the night nurse used and he had a funny look on his face. I said the morphine and Benadryal he pulled up my file and saw what the head night nurse had done and he ordered for the Benadryal. He had both shots ready starting with the morphine IV push and then the Benadryal IV push. I went out like a light. I woke up about 4 hours later and he was right there and repeated the same. By morning, things were improving and with that I wasn't asking for as much or as often something for pain. He inspected my junk and said I am so sorry this happen. I told him one of his interns from the last time must have taken a leak, a dump or sneezed on me. We started to laugh but I had to grab my belly and my junk and not laugh. He said I will check thru the day and see how you are doing and was true to his word.

NOW WHAT YOU DIDN'T STATE because I see no signature as to age, type of problems in your medical history. Though I am medical, I can't say why he would say that. Seeing that I have had 5 revisions in almost 27 years this doesn't make sense. I could think of several reasons to the why but without some history I will not guess.

WHAT I KNOW FOR FACT: With each revision, your risk for infection does go up. I don't remember off hand but I think it was like 10 percent with each one. My last doctor said it most likely was that the OR had not been cleaned properly. I did learn for one of my doctors who is Chef Of Medicine at the VA there had been several issues involving the OR's as they have 75 of them and infections.

If you will post some facts concerning your medical condition I might know the why. I almost want to agree with another post to this you should run like hell to a different doctor. In almost 27 years, I never head that from the only 2 doctors who did my implants. One doctor did 4 and then the 5 was at the VA in Richmond. Great hospital, excellent, very excellent nursing staff on the surgical floor. In fact I have had 8 different stays and every nurse wants me for their patient. If my IV occludes I fix it. If the vein blows, I restick with a new needle. Like I said I know medical. If and in most cases I am ambulatory I actually will help other patients, in short my nurse has very little to do for me.

I need some facts to help you. If, I will almost say you really need to go back to your profile page and fix a signature. It helps to know your history and age would be important.

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby Jamesbond » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:27 am

My Uro also told me not to get it. Told me he often sees patients that come in and he tells them
that thier is nothing to do for them. That they want to have the implant removed.
He told me he has heard a few very bad horror stories. Told me I would regret it.
2nd time I brought it up he also told me the sane thing. That I would be sorry. Once it is in that I would be nutilated. U asked him why he would not answer. He just made it like he did not have the time.
He is a good Dr. With other issues like when I got kidney stones. He gave me 1st class treatment. I have sent another person to him. He bent over backwards with the staff to get him treatment and had to push insurance to cover it. He knows his stuff. He is old but not that old. Very up to date in his stuff. One time he gave me an antibiotic. I developed a rash and hives. I called his service and within a few minutes he called me back. That was a weekend.
I have joked around with him about a few things thru the years.
He was pushing Tri-mix. After a few years I gave up and agreed to the tru-mix. We tried it in his office it worked a bit. I bought the kit and drug. Was not happy with results. Was not that hard and lost a lot of length. Tried it at home a few times. Not much better.
The Tri-mix expired. I saw him for something else told him I was not happy with it.
He told me I could adjust the dosage. Told me he has told me that before. I don’t think so.
Few weeks later I bought another bottle. The secretary I think charged me a lot less for it.
(In comparison to others I have found on this site I think he is on high end scale for tri-mix)
Told me his blend is a propriety blend made especially for him. I think he is full of B/S.
He just charges more than others.
I went to another uro not far from him. He pressed me to find out what I was paying for Tri-mix. I did not tell him. I went for a consultation not find out what others where getting for a bottle. I told him I was not here to discuss that. He kept pushing it. I got up and walked out.
Another Dr in city told me how much he charges. He tells you who to call they send it directly to you. Don’t think he gets as big a cut of the money or any money from sale.
I had seen other Drs but not since I found out about this site or the implant.
Very disapprointed in him for that. Using him more than 10 years wasted.
Lost a lot of size. He is considered very good. He does not do implants.
He also does not need the extra cash from the Tri-mix. Just greedy.
So I guess he wants to sell me tri-mix.
I still see him. Trying to get back my former length. If I get close I will get the implant.
No other options.
Any questions let me know. Not naming names.
Good luck
Thank you
Thinking of getting implant. Have not done it because of the length I
have lost.
50, Straight, I miss women

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby David_R » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:20 pm

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that most urologists don't do it "all"; they specialize in things like urinary problems, fertility problems, kidney stones, etc., and (some of them) include E.D. and solutions. An honorable urologist will send you to a "prosthetic urologist" (meaning trained in implants) when that issue arises. They don't just tell you shit in order to keep you from seeing another doctor.
Age 70, Baltimore area. After prostate removal, CX inserted. Lasted 12 years, replaced with LGX. My uro. (for 20+ yrs): Dr. Marc Siegelbaum of Chesapeake Urology & Chief of Uro. Surgery at Univ. of Md. St. Joseph Med. Ctr. Have original length! :D

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby TANGERINE » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:34 am

Yes, it is true that not all urologists "do it all". My local urologist was honorable and said that implants have issues and that it requires a super specialist. So he sent me to a first class surgeon who does a ton of cases per year. Honorable, honest, and wisely recognizing his own spectrum of expertise.

You mention the following:

He said if I get an infection he'll need to take out the implant. Then he said that if he puts in another one and if that gets infected also he'll have to remove it. Then he dropped a bombshell and said after that he can't implant another one

MY ANSWER: I asked my surgeon (Dr Eid) the question : "what happens if the implant gets infected"
His answer: "If it gets infected, then you will need to have the implant removed and a malleable implant will be placed to keep the tissues dilated. Perhaps 6 months down the line, a new 3 piece standard inflatable implant will then be installed, and most likely, that will work fine and heal without infection" To that, my answer was: "OK good, so there is a rescue plan" and he said, "yes, there is a rescue plan to handle the situation of infected implant"

Bottom line: Infection can happen. When it does, it is a big big problem. BUT, if you are using a extremely experienced surgeon, then you will likely end up on the other end just fine.

I think that your urologist was being honest by stating that there is a "chance" (hopefully 1% chance) that this surgery could end up badly with the feared infection complication. You need to be honest with yourself that you are taking a risk. You need to be so incredibaly upset about failing at sex that you are willing to take on this risk

For me, and I know this is extreme, I would be OK if I died from the operation, since, well, sex really is that important to me. If sex aint that important to you, then do not get the surgery.
"Strive hard to find the best implant surgeon -- surgical experience really matters"
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby RayChez » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:51 am

There is always the possibility of infection, but the percentages are real low. I still would have it done. I just enjoy sex to much in life to be without it. :D
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby Lost Sheep » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:59 pm

Jamesbond wrote: Trying to get back my former length. If I get close I will get the implant.
No other options.
Any questions let me know. Not naming names.
Good luck
Thank you

There is some evidence (real medical journal studies as well as anecdotal testimony here on FrankTalk) that using a Vacuum Erection Device (V.E.D.) can maintain the penile dimentsion (length and girth you currently have), oxygenate tissues to maintain tissue health and maintain tissue elasticity. There is also evidence that V.E.D. therapy can restore some lost length and girth (if the losses are fairly recent and perhaps even long-term losses).

Doing this before implant is recommended by many Doctors (and men here on FrankTalk) losing its controversy. V.E.D. use after implant is still controversial.

Nocturnal erections (which many men with physiological E.D. no longer have enough of) maintain blood flow, elasticity and size. V.E.D. use is said to emulate those erections, if the user is assiduous. (e.g. a generous routine of daily or twice daily for 20-30 minutes at a time is often cited)

I did a protocol of twice-daily pumping sessions for several months (though only 60 days is regarded as minimum for effective pre-op treatment, I continued until I found the best surgeon I could get), and believe I regained some length I was beginning to lose to E.D.
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Pre-op V.E.D. therapy helps.

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