Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby Smetro » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:26 pm

Create a signature. For many of us who were implanted more than 2 years ago we need more info.....how old are you and what are the details behind your ED?
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby woodturner » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:21 pm

Fire the guy and find a new doctor. If you have to fight a doctor to get treatment then it is the wrong doctor. I had very good luck with my urologists.
However, for my wife we replaced a cardiologist and an orthopedic surgeon.
If we had it to do over again we would do the same thing.
Total ED since a 6/2010 RPA. Pills and injections didn't work. Implanted with a Coloplast Titan (26CM w & 1CM RTEs)on 1/8/2015. 64 years old

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby HarryBelafonte » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:19 pm

geedeez wrote:Ok guys I'm seeing this new uro who does a fair amount of implants. I saw him last month and asked him about an implant for myself since everything I've tried so far isn't working. He said if I get an infection he'll need to take out the implant. Then he said that if he puts in another one and if that gets infected also he'll have to remove it. Then he dropped a bombshell and said after that he can't implant another one.

I'm very confused here. I was hoping he'd at the most advise of possible issues that might come up with the surgery. But by the sound of it, it felt like he was warning me NOT to get an implant. Needless to say, this killed my spirit in looking forward to getting an implant altogether along with the hopes of getting one from this uro.

Just to let you guys know, this is the only good uro who will accept my insurance. Could you guys please advise me on whether I should get an implant or not or what do you think?


What a joke. I have had a Titan since 2013 and it is a Godsend. Because of Peyronnes, I could not inject and I was "done." Now I am a loving machine with a pecker as hard as a railroad spike. Fined a specialist from the guys in here and go for it. Humana paid for mine FYI.
67 year old implanted with 22 cm + extenders Titan Coloplast in 2013. Facing prostate robotic prostate removal on January 15, 2019. Am told that it will be nerve sparing hope that I will still have feeling . Gleeson 7; 4+3

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby David_R » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:03 pm

HarryBelafonte wrote:Now I am a loving machine with a pecker as hard as a railroad spike.

Great description! :)

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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby Jamesbond » Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:29 am

Lost Sheep
Thank you. Been trying..
Take Care
Thinking of getting implant. Have not done it because of the length I
have lost.
50, Straight, I miss women

Lost Sheep
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Re: Uro Warns Me about Getting Implants.. I'm Confused

Postby Lost Sheep » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:19 pm

Jamesbond wrote:Lost Sheep
Thank you. Been trying..
Take Care

You are welcome, JamesBond, please see my post in this thread. Links to the two papers describing the protocols I referred to are at the bottom of this post


I posted on the subject of Continuous Vacuum or Intermittent Vacuum as pre-op therapy

Pre-op, I did both.

I followed a protocol I found in a medical journal paper (continuous vacuum for 30 minutes twice a day) for a couple of months, until I read a paper recommending intermittent vacuum (pump to full -tolerable- vacuum for two minutes if I recall correctly and then release to zero vacuum and repeat) continuing for 30 minutes.

I continued following BOTH protocols until my surgery (14 months) with no discernable ill effects.

I did have two minor bouts of temporary edema caused by too much vacuum which could have happened under either protocol, but is probably more likely with the continuous vacuum. The worse one resolved within 3 days of suspending the protocol.

By the way, Dr. Eid told me (in 2017) that he does not RECOMMEND pre-op vacuum therapy, but opined that it would not hurt, so suggested I could if I wanted. My local urologist/surgeon said the same thing and prescribed the device for me when I asked. There is credible evidence in peer-reviewed medical journals that pre-op VED therapy DOES help with restoring (not increasing, but restoring/maintaining) penile size, elasticity and tissue health (by promoting blood flow flushing through the tissues). Anecdotal evidence in one of the papers indicates that it makes the implant surgery easier for both the surgeon (insertion during the operation) and the patient (less penile discomfort during the first days of recovery). Looks like a win to me.


Lost Sheep
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Pre-op V.E.D. therapy helps.

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