Affording An Implant

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Affording An Implant

Postby handfulWES » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:39 pm

I realize I am starting yet another thread. If your insurance will not cover an implant there may be a way.

Contact a medical school. Often they will do the surgery and may well give a break on the hospital bill as well. Don't start screaming well the quality of work or any other ideas. The doctor who did my last implant did a fanatic job for me. Mine was done in the VA hospital BUT AND GET THE BUT HERE: he was part of MCV here in Richmond, VA. His specialty was implants and implants alone. Yes, he did many other things that urologist do but he was actually majoring in fixing DICKS. The man was great. I can't say that about some of his interns he fired but he stuck with me. It was my 5th revision in a 24 year period. The guy was great as he brought my manhood back to where it looked like what Mother Nature gave me. Guys listen, on a soft, I have something that guys in a locker room, steam room or sauna drool over. It hangs about 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches, looks and actually feels like the real deal. It swings between my legs nicely and who in the hell wouldn't be proud of that. If I wear soft jogging shorts commando, it hangs so nice with this bulge in my right pants leg. Nothing unsightly but enough if a guy and we do note these things, would kill for. If I wear dress clothes with boxer briefs I have a very nice package, nothing huge but you can notice the package. IF on a whim I decided to wear nice jeans, and go commando giving my pump 2 small squeezes I now have something hanging down my left leg that only your doctor might know that it wasn't all real. IN FACT: If you were to feel it, it would actually grow slightly because I still have some blood flow to the copra tissue around my cylinders. I can actually make it flex some just like the real deal.

MY POINT IS: You will not know till you call and talk to one of the urologist at the school. Explain that you just don't have the funds to afford the surgery, YOU would need to pay for the implant that you will use and I would think that would be something you could come up with.

This is what it most likely would entail: You would have to agree to have students in with the doctor. They most likely will assist and actually do some of the work FOR THEIR EDUCATION. This doesn't mean second grade work. Remember this is a teaching school where they do these everyday all day long.

Back in 1999, I needed to have my heart fixed. They tried at my local hospital with a guy from UVA who was training one of our local doctors. After 4 hours on the table they were stumped. My local doctor ws told to send my file to UVA here in Virginia. He wouldn't do and I keep waiting for an appointment. I was having insurance problems for doing a second try rather than take meds which made puke, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and I was a wreck. Mid November came and I called UVA to get an appointment with the doctor who helped my doctor here. I was told his waiting list was like 8 months out. I said don't you have anyone else who does this type of surgery. The lady said sure, we have a doctor who teaches and they do this procedure everyday all day long. The procedure was general a 2 hour deal. Remember I ws one OR table for 4 hours with no success. I explained the problems with my insurance. The nurse I was talking with told me that she would talk with the doctor and I needed to get my medical records to them. I got all my records and that was a bitch, put them in a very large envelop and sent it overnight.

She had my stuff the next day as she called to let me know it arrived. I think this was like a Wednesday and she said either the doctor will call you on Monday or I will call you. I had enclosed the information about the insurance, made a copy of my card to send with my package. I wrote a letter stating I can't take this medication and I stopped it. I could have an SVT attack at any minute. I was told after my last attack they caught on the EKG that my heart rate was in excess of 300 beats per minute. I did think I would die.

On Monday afternoon I received a call and it was his nurse. She said they had talked to the insurance people and the only thing they would pay for was the overnight stay in the hospital and any medications I needed. She continued on, if you will agree and sign a waver granting the students to use the observatory, and allow some of the more advanced students assist the doctor, we will wave all the fees and your insurance will cover the rest. I said fine when do we do it. She asked if Wednesday was to soon and I said what time. Be here at 6:45 so they can get your prepped and read. Your doctor will come by and you and he will have a few minutes together.

I was there on time, and 5 minutes before they were to start I met my doctor. In 5 minutes I knew I was at the right place. If nothing else, my military training and career gave me an edge on reading pople quickly.

I will try to check this thread. If you have something that is important and there are no stupid questions except you ones you don't ask you are welcome to post it here but copy and past it in a PM.

This move and other responsibilities I have will have me tied for at lest the next 3 weeks may be 4 weeks.

I'm to tired to read back thru. I will try to edit in the morning.
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