Busting A Nut With An Implant

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Busting A Nut With An Implant

Postby handfulWES » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:28 pm

I have read in so many post at different places about the sensitivity and it taking longer to get to the end. I thought I might write some things that I have offered in different post but they are not collected in one place.

Yes, it may take a bit longer to have your climax. THIS WAS ONE REASON FOR TALKING ABOUT THE PROSTATE and its importance helping get to the end. Also, using a toy or a finger helps to make the prostate empty better and thus keeps you at some point in time from your special gland that God gave you from turning on you. I often think we as men should have had some type of instruction manual. Or God could have put the info in our heads and at some age it would be released into our brain. Stimulation to the prostate and its connecting nerves are a huge part of your climax. I do understand without a prostate with ED meds, injections or getting an implant gives you the ability to have an erection. I also understand you will still be able to have orgasms but without all the cum, in other words a dry orgasm.

I just will not believe that there isn't a guy alive who hasn't thought of doing something with another guy, if only to JO. On that same though for those who actually have acted on that impulse and actually have continued or in many cases your partner will mess with your backdoor with a toy find that your prostate adds yet another element to the sexual process. I had prostate infections that went untreated from about 21 till I was 27. The doctor would tell me I had a UTI and treat for 7 to 10 days and in two weeks I was back again. I was having ED issues, if I had an erection and I moved I would loose it. Sometimes I might get it back or I might only have a partial erection and need my hand to guide my dick in and attempt to finish. Since I was in the military and their doctors couldn't help me I sought medical treatment on the outside and paid for it out of my own pocket. I want go into that story here because I have posted the full story in the section entitled "General" and if you scroll down you will see a topic on "The Prostate".

What he did teach me was about prostate massage and doing it on my own. It was at that same time I learned my "T" level was so damn low and he started to help me bring it up. He was aggressive in his treatment for the prostate infection that in 15 days it was totally gone. He did want me to take the oral antibiotic for 5 more days just to be sure it was all gone and I was to ALWAYS massage my special little gland. He gave copies of his findings and all that he had done so I could take and have it filed with my medical records. I think he shocked several doctors at Keesler AFB when they read what he wrote.

Now to the heart of this:

1. If it takes a bit longer use that to your advantage. Don't try so hard to bust your nut. IF YOU WILL RELAX you will find that it may happen faster than you think. (concentrate on all the feelings your body is experiencing)

2. I find that if I take 25mgs of blue or you may use some other ED pill (which I would cut down on the amount by breaking or cutting in at least half) this will actually send a bit more blood to the head and that will also increase the senstivity.

3. If you will not pump your implant till it is like a hunk of granite you will find you have a sufficent erection more than adequate to do the job. This will actually take a bit of pressure off the head and for guys like me who have a more pointed head and not an overly large head this helps.

4. If you don't take testosterone ask your doctor to check yours. Generall mine will run between 500 and 575mgs and that seems to work very well for me. I do know, say a guy in his late 30's will need most likely a level of about 800 or a little better. I do the injections of 200mgs about every 2 weeks. The gel worked for me but it made my shoulders ache because I have such arthritis. With the injections, the "T" is suspended in oil and thus it is a slow release into your system. ON A FUNNY NOTE: On rare occasions, I have hit a tiny vein and my "T" will sting a little. In about 2 or 3 hours, I might have a flush like with taking blue and since I still have a major portion of my tissue, my Ralph will stretch out and hangs very heavy. I will go from my 4 to 5 inch soft to about 6 inches.

5. If you are going to have a JO session on your own try not giving yourself more than about a half hard. Do your thing and you will feel your orgasm betting thru your cylinders. OK: I always jack with a full hand not 2 fingers or just working the skin on the head for those who are UC.

If I think of anything else or you have a trick or two of your own share back. When on my own I like having some good material to watch. Let say these are things which help me and I trust in sharing they will help you as well.

68, single, have had an implant since I was 42. Goals: to help men with ED; help men over come years of failure; to know their bodies; have a richer fuller sex life whether they or straight, Bi or gay. last I traveled this road starting in the late 60's

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