4 Months post activation

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4 Months post activation

Postby George03 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:36 am

I have posted info previously, so will summarize previous info. Prostate removal in summer of 2017, no return of function, and implant August 2018. At first, I was wondering what I got myself into, pain, loss of length, etc. Ready this and seeing what others went through gave me hope, and my healing is similar.

About six weeks, I had my first encounter with a working girl. It went ok, able to function, but barely due to length.
Another session, 2 months after activation(3 months post implant surgery) a little better, slightly more girth and length.
3 months post activation, it started to look like a penis, a little more girth, and length.

4 months, the first extended vacation with girls available anytime. Not quite the length or girth as before prostate removal, but much closer. Sorry, I didn't do measurements in the past, but looks good going, em, in and out. Visually, it looks closer to normal and a little shorter, When at home and pumping to the max, I still get mild discomfort, so I am hoping for a little more girth and length as time goes on. Also hoping that I can do fewer pumps. But if not, I am able to function well enough to be back in the game.

Stay the course if newly implanted and good luck to those of you about to start the journey. Reading about other's experiences is a good thing to do!
Prostate removal August 2017, AMS 700 LGX Implant August 2018 60's, generally good shape and health. PSA zero so far.

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