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Re: lost size?

Postby Lost Sheep » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:53 pm

DougAnd wrote:(edited for focus)
...my size has been mostly inconsistent for all of my life. That has not changed even after my pump Revision in December. My deflated size changes daily up and down with the shortest length being most frequent. My fully inflated size is all over the board. I'm just past five months but in the last few weeks alone I've had half an inch difference. My best so far is actually longer then before my implant.

My deflated length (and girth) varies depending on how much fluid I squeeze back into the reservoir. Sometimes I leave myself 30%-40% inflated and sometimes I squeeze my penis down as far as I can get it, depending on my plans for the near future (date night or going to work, swimming pool or church) and the clothes I am wearing.

My inflated length does not vary much at all, but "much at all" is somewhat subjective. A half-inch variation in length when FULLY pumped seems a bit much, though. My length between fully pumped (to the point of discomfort and "railroad spike" stiffness) and 80% pumped is maybe 3/8". This suggests to me that your pumping technique is not consistent yet. I have been practicing for over a year now. I generally pump up with my left hand and can get to about 80%-90% and then have to let my right hand take over. I expect you (DougAnd) will develop a "regular" technique and find your size to be more consistent as time goes on.

Just my supposition.
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Re: lost size?

Postby DougAnd » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:47 pm

Goodpoint lost sheep
A lot of it has to do with vacuum therapy for stretching. That will end this month if dr. Kata tells me that it safe I never use it fully pumped anyway so size is really not an issue. I was just trying to point out to needs help the size is really not an issue. Not unless you're talking inches and I don't believe there's many doctors out there that would shrink you inches. I'm thinking that 1/4 to 3/8 is probably typical. At least that's what I'll probably end up with and that's perfectly fine. I always enjoy your comments very helpful keep them coming
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