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We are not all like Larry's true grit

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:46 pm
by DougAnd
Honestly if I ever go through 1/1000 of what Larry has I'd cut it off and nail it to the door as a reminder of what I avoided. Hats off to you Larry, I could never stay the course like that. I'm a pump it for sex then forget it till next time kind of guy. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. The study I posted shows that most guys do not use their LGX enough to benefit from its amazing expansion ability. Guilty as charged. Never going to happen with me and that is perfectly ok. But I got on board in the first place because I did not trust my uro to not short me. Well he did short me but I lengthened me enough so that I'm just exactly the right size inspite of him. It worked and so the LGX does not need to. Good thing because it won't the way I'm using it.
You guys who are thinking about having an LGX implant just realize that you must do your daily full stretch cycles and fully pump for sex if you want to see much growth within your lifetime. I you expect to get back an inch in say 2 years it will take the same kind of effort as a daily trip of hard working at the gym. If you are more of a couch potato like me be satisfied with what your uro can give you and don't look for a miracle grow overnight. 1/10 of an inch per year ave sounds about right.
You long time guys with an LGX did you measure before implant and how much longer are you now than you were then? And how aggressively have you worked at it? Just wondering how universal these stats are. Thanks