scar tisuue implants

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scar tisuue implants

Postby ringo1 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:13 pm

so I have a lot of scar tissue after my recent vein stripping surgery and lost a lot of size..i read an article that penile implant with a lot of loss of smooth muscle and fibroris the outcome are more bad and are 53% more likely to lose furher length so it should be combined with skin grating

[i]Levine et al. [6] showed that almost 60% of patients with PD felt that they had lost penile length before surgery due to the underlying disease, and up to 54% reported that they had lost further length after a prosthesis was implanted. Wang et al. [29] reported that implanting a penile prosthesis is associated with a reduction in postoperative penile length, the average loss being reported as 0.74 cm.[/i]

ive talked with eid earlier he said the scar tissue outside the tunicia has no impact on surgery...
just wanted to know what others with severe PD and scar tissue with implants have experienced after implantation
37 yrs...ed due to single episode of trauma...had penile vein stripping... worst outcome trying towards an implant

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