A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

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A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby Phoenix18 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:54 am

Afternoon gents,

I’m 27 and I have had a significan venous leakage confirmed. I can’t get hard easily and then to keep it up is almost impossible without constant touching or pills. The pills used to work great. Not anymore. (cialis). The other two didn’t help much.

I’m not keen on injections and the idea of an erection on command is very appealing.

But I have several major concerns and I’m hoping you kind people can help me see clarity and / or sense. They are as follows:

- A woman’s opinion and the implications having an implant have on a single guy moving forward. | Please, I don’t really think comments like ‘she’ll love you can go for hours’ will help. I don’t think many women want to go for that long. I’m more concerned with being seen as ‘half a man’ almost and that she will be upset it’s not the real thing.

I guess what I’m worried of is; Is a young woman going to want to move forward and build a life with someone my age with a penile implant? Please help me here.

- Cost. I don’t have medical insurance so I will be have to pay out of pocket. At my age, several replacements will surely be needed. And each time, I understand the surgery is harder than the last?

- A sense of detachment. Feeling as though the implant is not a part of me.

Hoping for some good hearted people to help! Thank you! P
27 y.o | Diagnosed Venous Leakage | Pills no longer effective 100% | Anxiety high | Fearful of all that having an implant at a young age may entail

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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby Happy Toy » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:28 am

First, if a woman is that shallow, as far as you having an implant, then I don't think you would want her for a long term partner. Second, what about woman with breast implants? Are they any less a woman?? You will be able to please her, isn't that what both of you want? You will be more confident in bed since you won't have to worry about weather you will be able to "perform", which will make you a better lover. And yes, if you can cum now you will be able to father children. You will most likely need at least one replacement, but from what I have read here from those who have had their implant replaced, it was not a problem and sometimes they ended up bigger the second time around. For you, I see nothing but pluses! If I were you, I would go for it.
Good luck.
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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby dawnoftime » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:20 am

Happy Toy wrote:First, if a woman is that shallow, as far as you having an implant, then I don't think you would want her for a long term partner.

I don't think comments like this are fair or accurate. A person is not "shallow" if they are turned off by an implant! It just means their desire is somehow tied up in a particular idea of a penis or how the body works.

The next person you meet won't care, and this has nothing to do with their level of shallowness, and everything to do with how their desire is wired: they are more interested in your chest muscles, or your laugh or your job or your hair or your feet or they enjoy sex toys (in which case they would most likely be TURNED ON by the implant!).

We do not get to choose our desires, nor can we ever really understand them, so understand that some people will not be into it. But many many more will either not care at all or will (for a multitude of reasons) actually like that you have one.

My plan is to get an implant next year. I am gay though so will be dating guys rather than women. I can tell you as a gay man if someone told me they had an implant, the sex with that person would immediately change on a psychological level, so I am sure for a woman it will be the same: even if there is no physical difference, there will 100% will be a psychological difference. Like I say, whether that is a good or bad difference will depend on the person and how phantasy works in their mind; not their level of superficiality.

My plan is not to tell anyone unless I am interested in seeing them again, and if someone isn't into it (which there 100% will be) then I will fully respect that they just aren't into it. My main worry actually is someone pretending to be indifferent towards it for fear of hurting my feelings (or that they will look shallow!). I would rather they were just honest so I could go find someone that isn't fazed by it - which I will 100% be able to do.
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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby LeRoastBeef » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:33 am

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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby ringo1 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:44 am

My 2 cents of advise..just don't bother to try any new treatment other than pills or injections..PRP veins ligation is all pipe dream...I don't have an implant myself just hoping to recover to get one..however at ur age it's a real tough call..but again what option do u have ..My advise just find s good surgeon in case u go for it..secondly for revision plesse be clear the life time is 5 years to 8years so plan it accordingly..cause i am yet to find somebody who is young and had it for over 10 years..mostly depends on usage but bringing u use it more
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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby dirtman1993 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:50 am

A women who loves you won't care no more than a women who has had breast reconstruction due to cancer. I hope it would make any difference to you. You may find that women who learn about your implant will understand and be pleased that you cared enough to have a medical procedure to fix a problem so you can have a healthy and normal sex life for the both of you.

If you find a women who understands that you took this step to be able to pleasure her and yourself, go forward and good luck.
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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby defiant » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:02 am

There seems to be some particularly conflicting opinions and advice here but the common theme and what I believe to be true is that a woman who likes you for you; nay, loves you for you, may be taken aback, yes by the revelation - she may be shocked, she may even on some level be disappointed that she is not the one who as has been said here before, is the author of your erection but I firmly believe if she is a down to earth, caring, good-natured woman who has strong feelings for you, connects with you and believes in a future with you, then it won’t be a dealbreaker nor will it matter to her enough to call it off.

As mentioned, a woman is in love with you, the entirety of you; your mannerisms, your laugh, the way you move, your confidence or indeed your cute shyness. She’s in love with your hopes and dreams, your attitudes and beliefs and if she has any sense about her at all, she’ll love and respect your bravery to overcome what is as you say, a plight.

I have this concern too my man, I do. But if for nothing else, your ability to have sex free of fear and anxiety and stress will translate to amazing connection and lots of pleasure. Hopefully. And those that can’t accept you for something like this - well yes, I think that’s shallow. Personally.

Cost, well you gotta do what you gotta do. Beg, steal, borrow. Is there a national health system where you are? I’m not sure I can offer more on this without knowing where you’re from.

And as for the device feeling like a part of you. From all of my EXTENSIVE research, the vast majority of men do report it feeling as though it’s their cock; an integral part of them.
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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby Phoenix18 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:51 am

Thank you so much for your replies guys.

Yes if the roles were reversed and I was falling for a girl and then she told me she had, I don’t know, breast implants or a prosthetic leg for example, I wouldn’t leave her on a count of that. But that’s just me. I know not everyone is like this.

Ugh, what a hard decision.
27 y.o | Diagnosed Venous Leakage | Pills no longer effective 100% | Anxiety high | Fearful of all that having an implant at a young age may entail

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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby mr.skin » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:55 am

I like the discussion.

Reverse roles, and she tells you about an artifical vaginal canal, due to prolapse.

I d be shocked in the first moment.
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Re: A Young Man’s Plight - Please Advise

Postby GruffHunter » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:24 pm

I'd be worried about anyone who wanted to cut off a relationship because of a medical device. We're focused on implants....but what if the condition was removal of your testicles due to testicular cancer? Or a colostomy? Glass eye? Daily eating regimens and insulin injections? Finger Amputation?

It's a medical device that improves your life. Anyone who can't deal with that isn't worth your time and effort.
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