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circle logic

Postby DougAnd » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:31 pm

Surgery on the 4th to move my pump but I may have missed the boat on not having a total redo. Can't really afford the time off right now but...
For almost 4 months now I have been scrambling from specialist to specialist trying to fix my uneven tip mess. This AM using the VED watching how my body reacted the lights came on and this time somebody was home. I've been hoping to escape from my too long right tip. But the prosthesis is the only thing keeping my glans from turtle hiding inside. Like a dog chasing its tail, my efforts have been locked in a circle logic loop, a chicken or egg situation. I can no more escape from my tips than from an erection. The only solution is to fix the tips which really can't be done completely. I do have an LGX so maybe I can heat the left side cool the right side and grow the left cylinder 1/4" without growing the right one. Of course if pigs had wings they might be able to fly. :lol:
My real plan is to have a complete redo this summer when my wife is at home an I have more vacation saved up. Until then I will just need to watch the right tip carefully and be very careful. Still even with a redo that does not guarantee me a successful outcome or even a better result. Oh well.
LGX 18cm+3cmRTE 8 / 8/18 by Docs Saracino , Prody of FL Disfigured by Implant. Married 31 years, Functionally impotent 2+ years. 4" day of surgery now 7" inflated after VED 6.5" without. Pump moved 12/4/18 by Dr Kata

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