2 lumps at penis base

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2 lumps at penis base

Postby DougAnd » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:34 am

Is this normal or am I the red headed step child? Since day 1 I've had a lump on the left side of my penis right at the base pushing my skin up, a bump as it were and another on the right hand side a little deeper but still prominent? I thought that it was the connectors for my implant tubes that were wrapped around my penis. Doctor Kata took the time to show me what was actually going on. These lumps are the tubes coming out of the cylinders. This AM I can actually feel the tubes on the left side coming up underneath the skin of my shaft bending 180 degrees and diving down into my pump. So these knuckleheads put the cut so high on my shaft that it is above the base. No wonder Dr Kata practically begged me to let him do a complete revision not just fix my pump. Came back twice to ask me.
Guys here is my take. No one can guarantee that my bent penis can be fixed, maybe made better. But maybe made worse. The skin has shrunk on the left side making a permanent Peyronies curve. Kata was talking about cutting the side of my penis etc etc. That will never happen. Here is the bottom line final word, is that your final answer? Yes! Until AMS makes me .6 cm, .7 cm, .8 cm, and .9 cm rtes there will never be a revision surgery for my cylinders, just a band-aid on a bleeding artery in my opinion.
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