18+1 What can I expect?

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Re: 18+1 What can I expect?

Postby Larry10625 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:32 pm

MK1965 wrote:
Larry10625 wrote:
DougAnd wrote:Hey Mk,
Glad to hear some light has come into your very dark tunnel. I don't know if you tried it but I flaccid stretch constantly day and night when I wake up. I can't imagine your doc would oppose that. It doesn't do much but does speed up the process of stretching out scars. About like a tortoise and a slug racing.
My neighbor just had an RP and another neighbor may have already had his shaved at the bladder. Is there anything you can tell me that would help them? I don't know if either one has developed ED but I'd like to warn them what to look for in advance. Thanks And keep on growing!!!

They might want to consider VED therapy now so they don't lose length when they go on pills, needles or implant. All of you poor buggers, that developed ED because you had the nerve to beat cancer or other medical ailments, know what I am saying... ED is almost a guarantee so be proactive and start now. Of course they should follow their doctors advice but, my only problem with that is, many doctors are not keeping up with advancements and studies that contradict previous thinking. They MUST keep up, medical advancements are happening frequently and the only way patients benefit is if their doctors stay current. Studies don (not just by my doctor) are proving the benefits of VED therapy Don't take my word for it, check this out :)

https://prostate.net/articles/what-is-v ... apy-for-ed


I totally agree with Larry.
Guy, who had RP, needs to start on penile rehabilitation program, which means low dose Cialis or Viagra right after prostate removal, at 4 weeks he should start using VED just for pumping some blood into penis to prevent atrophy. If no success with PDE5i (Cialis or Viagra) to produce erection, at 4 months he could start injecting into penis. I would start with BIMIX and if BIMIX doesn’t work next step should be TRIMIX.
If he does not experience sign of life from his penis by the end of 12 months and if he still desires sex ,depending on his age, it would be wise to start looking for IPP surgeons.
More time wasted, the harder recovery of sexual function.
If I coul go back, I would have my implant sooner likely at 13-14 months post RP. If it doesn’t work at 12 months, it won’t work later most likely or it will be like old car, FIX OR REPAIR IT DAILY.

Agreed. :)


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