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Re: cycling advice needed

Postby Larry10625 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:59 am

Greg1956 wrote:Roofer,
I just had my 11 month post-op anniversary. I started cycling at 4 weeks and could only get a couple pumps in before the pump bulb was too hard to push. As mentioned in the previous comment you can wait and sometimes get more pumps in. At first my post-implant size was 4.5”but after 6-8 weeks it was up to 6”. At your early stage your dick is still re over if from surgery and is not as flexible as it will be when healed. Once that happens you will be able to get more pumps in and therefore get longer. Patience is your friend here my friend.

My cycling routine is to pump up in the morning as I am just starting to wake up. Then I lounge in bed and sometimes even dose off again and then wake up with “morning wood”. I also pump up in the evening when I go to bed. I deflate after about half an hour, before I fall asleep. Sometimes these are only cycling sessions, but other times this is also when my wife and I have sex or i masturbate.

I think you are probably the one that I just pointed out to Bandit about cycling while getting ready in the morning so that you have time for cycling. This is a great idea that |I will continue to pass along to our members. Thanks for the tip. :)

51 years old, married 29 years. Implanted Mar 30/17 by Dr. Brock of London, Ont, CANADA. (AMS 700 CX 18 + 2). Had implant removed Apr 29/17 due to Septic Shock. Liposuction By Dr. Gan and re-implant by Dr. Brock (AMS LGX 15 + 2) Dec 14/17.

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