Post-Implant Underware

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Post-Implant Underware

Postby Hawkman » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:43 am

I remember somewhere a lot of discussion on underwear during the healing phase. Is the objective loose fitting, support, silky and soft with no friction, or what? Will likely have surgery in a few weeks and want to be ready,

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Re: Post-Implant Underware

Postby Greg1956 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:37 pm

I think quite a few guys with implants like the David Archy underwear with separate pouches for penis and scrotum. I like Andrew Christian “air briefs” with a free-floating pouch. They are super comfortable, allowing my balls and pump enough space, but also supportive enough to hold my dick in place.

I think the guys with the biggest cocks and balls are the ones who really seek out different underwear. I still wear most of the same ones I already had, including boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, square cuts, and bikini briefs.

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Re: Post-Implant Underware

Postby Quincy » Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:06 pm

I'm now 6 weeks past surgery. Here's what I found worked best for me:

Immediately after surgery (and most of the rest of the first 4 weeks): Go naked as much as possible. I sat in my hotel room naked for a week and a half and then stayed naked at home for about 3 more weeks. I even traveled in my car naked whenever I thought I could. Wearing ANYTHING hurt. There were 2 sources of pain - pressure and friction.

During first week or as long as you are kept inflated: As little pressure as you can get away with. I wore an extremely loose pair of shorts and no underwear. I covered the hardon with the tail of a long shirt and tried not to be in public too much. I also tried a very loose pair of sweats with a button fly and forgot to button the fly. I felt the breeze after a little bit and found my erection was sticking out in the unbuttoned fly and leading the way. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice. If you absolutely must be in public and be decent, with no one able to see the erection, then light compression may work. I used very low friction, stretchy, boxer briefs, held my dick up as much as possible and sometimes a little to one side. I covered everything with a loose pair of shorts or pants. This worked OK for walking but the added pressure from sitting was very hard to deal with. As soon as I could, I removed the pants and undershorts, usually on the way back to home or hotel in my car. The pressure was the killer.

Many guys are kept inflated for weeks and have to go to work. I have no idea how they managed. I was activated and able to deflate after just one week. Most say they had to keep their cocks in the "up" position. I tried this during that first week with tight compression shorts, a jock, and holding my dick under the waist band of my shorts. All of these became too painful within just a few minutes and I went back to lighter compression from my boxer briefs.

Once you can deflate, things are easier to deal with. For the first several weeks, naked is still much better than anything else, but I have been successful with low compression boxer briefs to a degree. My favorite underwear for going out, playing racquetball, walking, etc., has become the David Archy 2-pouch boxers. ... UTF8&psc=1

These let you put your dick, which will be bruised and sensitive to both pressure and friction, into its own separate pouch/sleeve. A different pouch provides good support for your balls. Your dick will be bent downward a little, so these are not suitable for the period while you have to stay inflated, but they feel better than anything else I've tried when I'm flaccid.

I still feel some discomfort from too much compression, so my purchase of compression shorts was wasted money, but the 2-pouch underwear and boxer briefs with very light compression have been fine. Now that I'm more healed, I can also go with regular boxers and be comfortable. There is more weight to both my cock and my ball sack than there was before, but with healing the extra weight is no longer uncomfortable and I'm almost at the point where I don't notice it at all.

Hope all this long-windedness helps. Send me a PM if you want more discussion.

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Re: Post-Implant Underware

Postby VinceMH » Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:01 pm

I had to keep my stiffie in the up position for five weeks. I wear khakis and tucked shirt to work, so loose fitting clothing was out during the day. I bought jock straps, compression shorts, compression briefs, but the first place combination is a pair of David Archy trunks and over that, Adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear. Both are one size smaller than I would normally wear. I'm 6' 1", 170# and normally wear large, but they were too loose and allowed the penis to move around too much, so I bought some medium and they are perfect for the task. The David Archy is nice for it's pouch to support your sack and keep it from rubbing. The adidas on top adds additional compression to help keep the penis tighter to the body and from moving around. Honestly you would do fine with two pairs of David Archy. Be sure to get one size too small. I still wear the medium size, as the large allows my flacid penis to stick out too much. Definitely get you some infant/baby socks for post-op and bring them with you to surgery. I'm so glad I had one for the plane ride home. The sock REALLY protects it from rubbing. Best wishes!!
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Re: Post-Implant Underware

Postby Vagabond127 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:49 am

I've had some guys say right after surgery it's best to free-ball as much as possible. Just let it hang and stay lightly clothed. I've also heard guys say to keep dick as straight up as possible close to the body as possible??
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Re: Post-Implant Underware

Postby flyweed » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:55 am

I am 4 days Post Op. Again, this subject is..well...very....Subjective. I tried tighter compression fitting shorts, and those were an absolute NO GO! My wife picked me up two packs of these super soft boxers by "fruit of the loom", they are grey in color with a draw string waist. More of a sleep short, then underwear. Super super soft and silky. They feel like I am wearing nothing at all for the most part. They have been a GOD SEND. Love them, and easy to ice in, and pee out of.

I HIGHLY recommend them.
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Re: Post-Implant Underware

Postby WyoMan » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:04 pm

Guys, how would a kilt work? After I complained about how jeans/pants bind and are down right uncomfortable at times, i jokingly said all men should wear kilts, my daughter and son-in-law gave me a gift certificate for a kilt. It was surprisingly comfortable and even warm in the winter. I haven't worn it in public-only to a good friend's house and at home. But it wouldn't have much pressure on that area after surgery. There would be a tight waist band but that might be high enough to be ok. I might see this winter.

On the light side, "Kilt-is what happened when someone called it a skirt." :lol: :lol: But a shipping label called it a 'men's skirt.'
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