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Re: Star's Journal

Postby defiant » Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:00 am


First off, I’m really sorry about the apparent ‘less than optimal’ result, let’s say that you’ve had with this doctor. I don’t want to come across as alarmist or shocked because I don’t want to upset you. That’s also not necessary, as a solution exists.

I will say this though.

It is clear to see that this implant is not sized correctly and you’ve been sold short, literally. I cannot believe that this Muneer guy is even allowed to practice right now with these clearly sub-optimal implantations.

Yourself and Ruktitan should genuinely consider complaining at the very least and at the most, asking for compensation, enough so that you can have a rapid revision with Dr Ralph and ONLY Dr Ralph.

He is the expert in this field and I would not let anyone else, in the UK anyway, near my penis.

Look, all’s well that ends well and you appear to be taking this all as well as can be hoped for.

Get your revision book ASAP, heal up and then live the rest of your life.

You have a nice looking dick man, you just need a better sized implant.

This will be fine.
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby Spikepork » Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:08 pm

Mate I’m sat here feeling sick at what this butcher has done to you and Rutikan. The last phot is nothing short or butchery. . I’m impressed tho with how calm you both seem. I would be inconsolable and want his head on a block. But I truly hope that you can get a good revision and finally a good solution.
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby JohnThomas » Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:43 am

very very sad to hear of both of these experiences which on the face of things look very incompetent.

I would echo the comments about Dr Ralph - I am pleased with his work, and I choose him deliberately because of his experience

I hope things work out well for both of you
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby star_of_pramen » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:53 am

1 Year update:

So it is now 1 year since I was implanted by Dr Muneer at UCLH in London. I previously documented my concerns over the tips extending in to the glans as well as placement of my pump (the tubing is kinked and pushes outwards against the skin of the scrotum, which both looks and feels weird). I am pleased to report that after waiting the best part of a year I am having a revision under Dr Ralph at UCLH under the NHS in August. When I saw him he agreed that my implant was suboptimal and that he could perform the revision (despite him commenting that Dr Muneer is a good surgeon and rarely has suboptimal outcomes).

Despite the two issues, I have generally been pleased with my outcome and am pleased with my decision to go ahead with the implant despite only being 28 years old at the time. I have a long term girlfriend, who was aware of me having the surgery so have never had to worry about 'hiding' it from her, which I know is often a question from people getting the implant. My take on this is that it is basically impossible to hide it from a sexual partner, as the the pump is noticeable if they touch your scrotum and you can also quite obviously feel where the tips end.....thought I would highlight this as I see the question "can I hide it from a sexual partner?" quite often...

Looking forward to getting my revision and moving forward!
28 years old and based in the UK. ED for 9 years and a complex medical history. Tried everything from the pills to injections and dorsal vein ligation before finally being implanted with a 20cm Titan on 31-May-18

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Re: Star's Journal

Postby star_of_pramen » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:20 am

I haven't provided an update on my status in a while. I had my initial implant 2 years ago and am waiting for a revision on the NHS. I was implanted via Dr Muneer and was left with a floppy glans as well as what is termed 'Maserati' penis (this is the language Dr Ralph use when I saw him for my revision consultation) whereby the tubing is high and protrudes, making it uncomfortable in my scrotum. All in all a very unsatisfactory outcome.

As anyone who lives in the UK will know, the NHS is extremely slow moving. The reason it has been 2 years since my implant and I am yet to receive my revision is because; 1) I waited a few months for the initial implant to heal before I decided that the original op was unsatisfactory; 2) I went private to see Dr Ralph and then he recommended I was referred via his NHS clinic (this meant it would be free for me), which takes time to process; 3) I have had two ops cancelled, o/w one was because I had work commitments that I couldn't get out of. In summary I am hoping to get this resolved at some point this year, albeit expecting further delays as all elective/non-essential surgeries are being postponed due to COVID-19

I have attached a picture to show the extent of my floppy glans, whereby you can see the tips barely make it to the corona, let alone the mid-point of the glans. I have had an MRI scan to confirm there is significant soft tissue whereby a longer implant can be placed (as if that wasn't obvious just by the pictures ha). Anyway, I am posting this as I see a lot of questions about floppy glans so wanted to provide my perspective. I do not however want to create or place fear into people's minds. This was a bad outcome from a supposed 'high volume' surgeon at a world leading hospital (UCLH), but there are lots of amazing doctors out there as evidenced by many the outcomes posted in this forum.
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28 years old and based in the UK. ED for 9 years and a complex medical history. Tried everything from the pills to injections and dorsal vein ligation before finally being implanted with a 20cm Titan on 31-May-18

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Re: Star's Journal

Postby young_and_impotent » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:27 am

Ya I dont think an MRI is needed to know you are shortchanged. Do you mind sharing pics of the 'maserati' thing?
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby Captain1117 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:48 am

Thank you for sharing your journey. It definitely helps lot of guys here.
Wish you a great revision.
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby Happy Toy » Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:17 am

It should be a GREAT looking dick when it is corrected, but then most young dicks are great looking :lol: Best of luck with your revision.
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby OregonStrong » Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:35 pm

I would assume if the LGX is placed instead that should get rid of the floppy glans aspect since the implant would expand distally to fill in the segment that is floppy correct?
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Re: Star's Journal

Postby NextStepImplant » Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:52 am

Dig a bit on this forum and you will find out that the lgx doesn’t provide more length then the titan. The advertisements for lgx talk about lengthening but what they mean to say is that the lgx flaccid size is smaller then the Titans flaccid. The lgx expands more then the titan when inflated and the titan flaccid is closer to its fully erect size. The lgx comes in less sizes then the titan and requires more rear tip extenders often to make up the difference. The base of the implant likes to bend where it connects with the RTEs which can result in a erection that often bends at the base of your penis during intercourse. Another thing, each size of the titan increases in girth compared to the previous size, so the 24 cm titan has less girth then the 22cm titan. I have a 26 cm titan and the largest lgx a doctor will use is either 18 or 21 cm. So if I got the lgx at best I would get is a 21cm with 5cm RTE. With that I would have less girth and may experience the negative of having a bendable base during erection.
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