Anybody have a CX changed to LGX?

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Anybody have a CX changed to LGX?

Postby young_and_impotent » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:43 pm

Did you notice any difference in length and girth?
28 year old with severe lifelong ED.
Implanted in New Delhi on 26/12/19 with AMS CX (15x12) + 4cm RTE
Post op length 4.5 inches from ~ (5.5 to 6) inches. Disappointed!
Wish to have a revision to LGX some day.

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Re: Anybody have a CX changed to LGX?

Postby williamb » Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:02 pm

Yes I had an implant in Oct 2016, a CX 18 + 3 done by Dr Cornell in Houston. I was not satisfied because of still having pain after 1 year. I also had a unsupported head the cylinders did not extend into the glans and the tips were very close to the skin surface
When I would talk to Dr Cornell he would say everything is perfect. After 1 year he wanted to do an additional surgery to fix it.
I went to Dr Kramer and he agreed that I was undersized and the tips were "malplaced". Dr Kramer replaced the CX with a LGX 21 + 3 1/2. So I actually gained size to just a little over my pre cancer length. The circumference with the CX was a little more than with the LGX but it is a very small amount if any. My girlfriend says it is a phenomenal penis and the size is perfect for her. ( she has had 3 children) I was thinking that I would go back to the CX when it is time to replace the LGX but the LGX is great. It is plenty hard , length is good and circumference is good so I will probably stay with the LGX.
If you want to know more just send a PM
born 1949, Cancer 2014, 1st Implant AMS CX 18 + 3 RTE, Oct 2015 by a Houston Doctor. Left with loss of length, Floppy Glans and pain, a very poor job. Revision in Dec 2016 by Dr Kramer, 21 + 3 1/2 RTE,Regained length, Glans supported and no pain.

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