Need Advice Autoject questions

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Re: Need Advice Autoject questions

Postby newtoed » Sat May 12, 2018 11:52 pm

In my opinion the 30 or 31 gauge needle is to thin fo Autoject and bounces off the tunica. I had bad luck with them.

I never found 30 gauge needle in 5/16” length so I buy 1/2” needles and set my Ahtoject at 5/16” depth. Haven’t failed in a long time and virtually painless.
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Re: Need Advice Autoject questions

Postby truckeic » Wed May 16, 2018 1:05 pm

rahod1 wrote:
truckeic wrote:Ok i have manually injected 2 times with amazing results.... very happy but i tried the very 1st time with the autoject EL and no results. i need to figure out my issues with this as i don't want my wife to have to do this every time. I did not use 1/2" long needle the first time i used the autoject and my next injection will try that. the 2 manual injections I did were both with 1/2" 29G 1ml needle. I know others use this with success my question is could the needle not penetrate the area it needs to with the autoject?

any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

Why did you switch from manual in the first place?
I use an injector that you still have to press down on plunger to inject.

because my wife was doing the injections and i want be able to do them myself.
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