Injectable Alprostadil from Muse Pellets

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Injectable Alprostadil from Muse Pellets

Postby JonrUK » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:38 am

I have never used Caverject / Viridal before but I expect to be discussing this at my next Urologist appointment, as current PDE5 tablets are not working well, and previous VED and Muse trials did not work.

I wanted to investigate my responsiveness to Injectable Alprostadil beforehand,
so I created an Alprostadil injectable solution using Muse 500mcg and Bacteriostatic water.

I am very pleased with the results which have been very consistent so far.

My question is whether anyone can tell me whether using Muse pellets to create a solution directly equates to the equivalent Caverject / Viridal dosage.

I am getting very good results from a relatively low injection dosage of 2.5mcg/ml of the Muse solution, which is obviously at the low end of standard dosage.
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Re: Injectable Alprostadil from Muse Pellets

Postby bldoink » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:08 am

You're in poorly charted and definitely off label waters. How many ML of water are you dissolving the 500mg of alprostadil/Muse into? A standard Edex dose is 20mg of alprostadil that dissolves into one ml of saline and you can take up to the whole ml. Edex also comes in 10s and 40s with the number indicating the amount of alprostadil that gets dissolved into the one ml of saline. I have no experience with the brands you mentioned. I'm just guessing that their concentrations are similar to the Edex brand I used. It would be impossible to equate your experiment not knowing how much water you dissolved the 500mg alprostadil suppository into.

Beware, to this layman, non-medical person, what you're doing verges on alchemy or witchcraft.

Edit: Maybe I misread your post. Are you saying you are using 2.5mg of the suppository in a ml of water and injecting a whole ml? If so, do you have reason to believe that 2.5mg of the suppository equates to 2.5mg of alprostadil? If you're using a solution of 2.5mg of alprostadil per ml and injecting the whole ml, IMH non-medical opinion that would be a weak dose at the equivalent of about a quarter of an Edex 10.

What you're doing is interesting but there sure seems to be a lot of assumptions and ifs involved. I assume you know a lot more about Muse and it's ingredients than I do as well as it's initial level of sterility. I also hope you're taking appropriate precautions to maintain the sterility of what you're injecting into your dick. I'd be ignorant of what the proper procedures to maintain sterility would be.

It's still alchemy or witchcraft.
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Re: Injectable Alprostadil from Muse Pellets

Postby Patrick27 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:21 pm

Muse contains “Polyethylene Glycol 1850” this ingredient safe to inject? Any Scientist among us?
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Re: Injectable Alprostadil from Muse Pellets

Postby bobsteel » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:17 pm

Patrick27 wrote:Muse contains “Polyethylene Glycol 1850” this ingredient safe to inject? Any Scientist among us?

It must be because I used my DIY injections from MUSE a few dozen times. No signs of problems but I would have liked a professional opinion.
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