Brigh Red VS. Dark Red Blood!

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Brigh Red VS. Dark Red Blood!

Postby newtoed » Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:25 pm

Dear Friends,
A couple of times I got hematoma at the injection site which is not a big deal (I use Autoject El). If my partner asked I'd say I cut myself shaving or pintched it with the zipper lol.
But I noticed one thing: most of the time I get a drop of bright red blood at the site and there is no hematoma. But each time I got the blue hematoma the drop of blood was dark red obviously not coming from the inside of the penis (it would be bright red) but from a surface vein.
My suggestion if you get a drop of dark red blood just put pressure on the site a little longer maybe 5 minutes to prevent a larger hematoma.
All the best.
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