Caverject Inpulse for travel

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Caverject Inpulse for travel

Postby texcal56 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:28 pm

Although I use trimix at home, I talked to my doctor about using Caverject Impulse for travel, so I don't have to worry about refrigeration, etc. He wrote me a prescription, but I had to go to four pharmacies before I found one that could order it. Also, my insurance company covers it and Caverject has a copay card, so I got six doses for only $20!

I have the 20mcg syringes and tried it today with the lowest dose - 5mcg. It was a very good experience. I didn't experience any pain on injection and had a 10/10 erection for over an hour. I've got trips planned for both July and August and will get comfortable with the occasional Caverject injection before my trips. Would like to hear from other Caverject users on their experiences.
Age 61, Los Angeles. ED related to relapsing remitting MS. Increasing doses of Viagra worked for 10 yrs. Been injecting trimix for last 4 yrs with 95% success. Also using Caverject when we travel. For both, erection 10/10 for 2 hours.

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