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Postby Chipproy » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:47 am

Hi guys I'm looking for advise from the experts here, i have 50mg pge1 in powder form and want to dilute I'm 30 ml of bac water can you guys advise what the stock strength will be and how much would i need to dilute each unit of that stock to give me a strong dose thanks guys

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Re: Advise

Postby JimStars » Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:35 am

hey Chip,

Great that you got that 50mg of PGE-1. Just to let you know about relative strengths of the product, lets convert that to mcg which means you have 50,000 mcg of PGE-1. That is truly a lifetime supply if, say, you need 20mcg per shot -- 2500 shots!!!

You will want to deliver anywhere from 5mcg-50mcg in a shot -- no matter how much volume you have in that shot.

The easiest thing for you to do is measure out 1 mg (1000mcg) of the PGE-1 ... put it into the open end of a 1ml syringe and suck up 1ml of bact water, dissolving it and shooting it into a sterile 10ml vial (that is of course 1000mcg/ml).. You could bring that down to 100mcg/ml by adding another 9mls of bact water and then use whatever amount you are going to need paying attention to the UNITS markers on your injection syringes. Simple enough ... 5 units would be 5 mcg ... 10 units would be 10 mcg etc.

Just try to keep everything as sterile as possible -- the tough part being the measuring of the powder. The Bact water is some insurance that the solution will be safe. I have used bact water for years and never ever had a problem, but also I use MUSE pellets which are injected directly into the syringe for dissolving so no chance of contamination.

So get your sterile vials and I recommend some STURDY mixing syringes of 28gauge and some finer ones for injection -- 30 gauge. And maybe only 50unit or 30 unit size for injection so you can really see the marks.

Have fun but be careful.

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Re: Advise

Postby Patrick27 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:25 pm

Polyethylene Glycol 1450

Hello people, this question is regarding Mr JimStars comment about diluting Muse for injections. Would save me a fortune! I tried to PM you Jim, but sticks in my outbox for some reason.

Muse contains Polyethylene glycol this safe to inject? No problems?

Much appreciated any replies

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