Type of erection

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Type of erection

Postby Klimas » Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:39 am

This is my first posting. I am 44 and was prescribed Trimix two weeks for a long and complex ED issue. I have been giving myself Testosterone shows for 8 years now so this was an easy solution for me so I thought. After giving myself the shot I get a very good erection but it is a very odd and unusuable erection. The corpora cavernosa get very hard and flat but the rest of the penis does not engorge even with stimulation. The head stays small like it is when flaccid. This makes it difficult for penetration because there is no buffer and it is uncomfortable to push on the ends of the cavernosa. Masturbation is equally uncomfortable because the friction is direction on the cavernosa.

I am not certain the ratio of my Trimix but I think it is 10/10/10 if that sounds correct. My question is whether a different ratio could resolve my issue and produce a more normal erection that is typical for me? I have read so many great posts here and have tried injecting in different areas (mid penis seems best spot for me) and massaging/not massaging after injection. Nothing seems to help. I have look at other pics on this forum and I definitely have an unusual effect. I am posting two pics (normal erection but soft) and with Trimix - you will see obvious difference.

One final note, I am so happy to have found this forum. It is a lonely process coming to terms with ED and after reading so many great posts and inspiring stories I realized does not need to be a taboo topic and as guys we can actually have candid discussions to help with whatever issue we have. It is a privilege to be part of this group.
Erection with Trimix
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Erection with Trimix
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Partial Erection - No Medication
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