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Re: We need your questions

Postby Stew52 » Sat May 19, 2018 10:00 am

bldoink wrote:For me those would work just fine. I use the 31G X 5/16. I'd use the ones you have if I had them. Some guys need the 1/2" needles. For them those won't work. Note, I have the plastic tip of the syringe pressing into my flesh with the 5/16 needles. I don't think the 5/16 needles will work for the auto injectors though.

A. Both. I have concluded that if I inject in a more flaccid state (rare) I use a 5/16" because my flaccid unit is a bit over 1" dia. However and usually we practice extensive foreplay and roleplay in advance and I can have a well engorged unit that is closer to 2"+ and I normally use a 1/2" needle. Having it engorged also provides a better visual target to avoid exterior veins and prevents the skin from sliding around so you can get a 3 or 9 o'clock point better.
NOT an MD. 66, CenTX US. Inj since 12/16 a yr after pills stopped working. Caverject for a yr (35mcg PGE). 1/18 Using Tri-Mix at 30 pap/2 phent/40 pge @ 0.3ml. Supp w/ 0.1-0.2ml 60 mcg/ml PGE1 on occasion for a longer session. Anorgasmia setting in.

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Re: We need your questions

Postby djones36117 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:37 pm

So I’m new to trimix. I have used .1 ml or 10 units. Achieved an erection that would work. Upped the does to 15 units and had one last long enough greatly please my partner and then consider taking the drive to the ER. Tonight I went back to 10 and it was a failure of epic proportions. Had to apologize and get dressed. Question is about the 15 units. Last time I used 15 was the day following attempting to use the last of my 100 mg viagra. Do you guys think that’s what gave me the reaction. Like a few of you, my Dr placed the order and told me there was info online. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: We need your questions

Postby bldoink » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:20 pm

Hi djones and welcome to the forum.

This isn't really the best thread for this discussion but oh well!

I'm not a medical professional of any kind. Anything I post is at best based on my own experiences but at worst could be based on delusions or hallucinations. Remember, any internet forum advice could very likely be worth exactly what you paid for it, or worse. Always ask your doctor and follow his/her advice.

My first impression is that as you had two "successful" injections before your failure I'm going to guess that you missed the sweet spot with your third. If the juice doesn't make it to the correct spot it won't work.

It could be that your current ideal number of units is somewhere between 10 and 15 units. When you're at 10 units adding another 5 is a pretty big bump. If you were pretty good at 10 I'd have thought maybe 12 to 13 would have been the next step.

I believe most doctors discourage taking both Viagra and an injection together due to the risk of the priapism, such as you feared you were having on the second shot. Therefore I certainly wouldn't recommend the practice. However, I combine Viagra with a mono-mix injection fairly frequently. Bear in mind that my ED is a result of a RP and is fairly extreme. Viagra gives me NO erection but it does enhance other methods like injections or a VED.

So to not answer your last question more directly (non-medical professional speculation) I'd have to say the Viagra contributed to the reaction but the increased tri-mix volume likely contributed as much or more. You'll never know if you're throwing more than one variable into the equation at once. Don't do that.

It does suck when doctors don't educate patients adequately. I can relate.
R.R.P 2011 Mayo Jacksonville, Dr. Michael Wehle. Nerve sparing - badly damaged. C in margin. V.E.D, Viagra and PGE-1 (80mcg/ml) injections @ ~ 12 units. Originally Edex20, then compounded PGE-1 - cost. Inject. ~ 8 yrs. It works. Treasure coast of FL.

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