Venous leak questions

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Venous leak questions

Postby JamesG » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:56 pm

With my injections not quite producing the rigidity for intercourse, my doctor told me to try a "venoseal", as he said I have some venous leakage. It is a very simple elastic constriction loop that is adjustable with a clever design. It takes a little practice but it seems to work fairly well. I will keep trying this and think it may be just what I need.
However, I was wondering if anyone has tried to use one of the various tension rings that are applied with a vacuum pump - AFTER the injection. I have a hunch they might work better than the venoseal band. I used to use a pump and the tension rings work very well as they are so tight by virtue of sliding off the pump end. There is no way a manually applied ring could provide the high tension these pump rings give you. I suppose you would just slide the pump chamber over your erect penis and use the cone to apply the tension ring - the same method as using a pump without the need to pump.
I have to think the combination of the tension ring with the injection and inability of blood to flow out of the penis veins would do the job well.

Please comment if you have tried this and I apologize if I have missed this technique being discussed on this forum.

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Re: Venous leak questions

Postby trekker » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:52 am

Hi - I tried the pump and tension ring before switching to tri-mix, which works very well for me. The pump and tension ring together work very well, though I didn't care for the purplish penis and 30 minute time limit. I didn't think the color and bulging veins would be too appealing to my wife, and I didn't think setting a 30 minute timer too romantic. However, saying that, you'll probably find that the tension ring works very well, but make sure you get a package with a few different sizes to find the one that's right for you. I think also it's helpful to have the ones with "ears" on them to help get it off.

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Re: Venous leak questions

Postby JamesG » Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:27 am

Thanks Darryl. What I was really looking for was anyone who applied the high tension rings AFTER they have injected to an erection. I actually had pretty good results with a pump before I started injections. I think they are really effective as a form of therapy. But, as you say, the 30 minute time limit was a factor and there is no spontaneity. There is none either with injections but the ease and quickness of injections far surpasses a pump in my opinion.

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Re: Venous leak questions

Postby terraplane » Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:16 pm

James , I have been using these ... UTF8&psc=1

They are easier to use than the high tension rings used with the pumps , it doesn't take much to hold the juice in for a few minutes .
I put the ring on about 15 min. before injecting , it plumps him up a little so you have a better target , and I leave it on for a few minutes and take it off when the erection really starts coming on .

Good Luck........Chuck
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Re: Venous leak questions

Postby dtwarren1942 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:13 pm

When Viagra stopped working well, I started pumping with a tension band until I found Trimix. Trimix worked well for about 18 months so I cut back on the use of the pump/tension band. However, Trimix has become less effective - I had to increase the dose to 45 units and the erection is not as strong as it was when I first started.

I now find that my erection starts to fade a bit after 15 minutes so I need to slip on my Osbon tension band to bring it back to peak hardness and maintain it long enough to get the "job" done. I find it interesting that when I have not injected, I loose all sensitivity at about the 20 minute mark. However, if I have injected, I still have some sensitivity up to and sometimes beyond the 30 minute mark.
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Re: Venous leak questions

Postby ocitgo » Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:08 am

I am reposting this..
I have been using Trimix for 3 months with less than satisfactory results until this week. Even after having my doctor increased the dose from 500 to 600, my erections were still wimpy. They were too soft and would peter out in 20 minutes. I decided to experiment (by myself) with the technique and found that using a cock ring gave me rock hard erections that lasted almost 2 hours if I left the cock ring on. I experimented with removing the ring at 1 hr and my erection immediately started to fade. When I put the ring back it returned to full straight for the next hour.
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