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1 Year Old Trimix Vial

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2023 7:30 pm
by Shootanoogah
HOW LONG CAN ONE KEEP A TRIMIX VIAL IN THE FREEZER? The question gets asked often.

Well... a week ago, I "found" a vial in my freezer. I refilled it on March 3rd, 2022 and I thought it was lost during one of my trips. It was still frozen so, I gave it a try without big hope. To my surprise, it worked, even better than the new refills do.

At first, I thought it was weakened but with some stimulations, it started working. My erection was at 90+% without any painful effect. I was not the usual trimix-wood effect, but something that was reminiscent of my pre-ED years when I would erect without any help.

After I finished my first round, it came down normally. 30 minutes later, when stimulated, I was ready to go again, and again. I climaxed twice, but the session lasted 2+ hours, going soft and becoming hard, almost on demand, as I used to. GF noticed the difference in hardness, but she loved the natural up and down effect ( her ego, I guess).

I think I stumbled on something here. To bdoink ( who has so much knowledge on the topic) I am counting on your wisdom to enlighten me on what happened here. I suspect some component were weakened because it was not painful at all, rather pleasant. And this "natural" feel was priceless.

I would talk to my URO, but this forum has people way more knowledgeable on Trimix.

Re: 1 Year Old Trimix Vial

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2023 9:56 pm
by bldoink
Sorry, I don't know what happened. My experience with alprostadil (PGE-1) is that when hard frozen it loses potency VERY slowly. And it's the ingredient that loses potency the fastest. If yours was hard frozen from when new it probably lost a little but very little.