Penile ache after TRIMIX

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Penile ache after TRIMIX

Postby alexkidd69 » Thu Mar 09, 2023 9:46 pm

Fairly new trimix user still trying to find a satisfactory dosage. After whatever sexual activity ends and I lose my erection, and the penis is still enlarged but no longer erect it aches until the penis returns to normal size. The pain is not too bad and it does not last too long. I understand pain is supposed to be a warning sign, but this is not a painful erection, but rather a painful post erection, so I am not sure if this is the pain I should be concerned about or not. The erect state last for maybe an hour and goes down naturally so I don't think that is the issue. Has anyone else noticed this effect?

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Re: Penile ache after TRIMIX

Postby GoodWood » Thu Mar 09, 2023 11:19 pm

The prostaglandins in Trimix (one of the three components) commonly causes aching that lasts for a few hours. It’s nothing to be concerned about. Some guys find it goes away after they have been injecting for awhile. Others of us continue to have that ache.

As my dose went up the aching became more troublesome. It was interfering with my ability to enjoy sex. So I eventually switched to BiMix (papaverine and phentolomine, the two other components of Trimix). My doc added atropine a while later. (Atropine is usually the 4th component in QuadMix).

Injections of this mix of phentolomine, papaverine, and atropine gives me a reliable erection for over an hour and I don’t have any ache.

If the ache becomes a problem for you, know there are options to switch to mixes that would likely solve that problem.
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Re: Penile ache after TRIMIX

Postby Martin6469 » Sat Mar 11, 2023 12:08 am

My urologist has me on 100mg sildenafil plus half the Trimix I would otherwise need. This reduces the ache to almost nothing, and it's only an after-action pain. But if you do this, of course you have to start the titrating-up process again, with a very low dose, to avoid priapism.
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