Injection horror stories

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Re: Injection horror stories

Postby Pumpkinman » Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:39 pm

But trimix did save my love life for a couple years, so I suggest you use it if you need it. It works well.[/quote]
That's a new one on me for a person who has had open heart bypass surgery before I even used ED medications. ED in middle age men (50's) is usually the first sign of a cardiovascular problem...The artery feeding the penis is much more narrower than the arteries feeding the heart. Thus atherosclerotic conditions begin to get noticed when a man in his 50's could be 40's or even 60's starts to have ED. There is tons of literature on this, if you Google ED and heart disease. I have been using Trimix for some 10 years and my cardiac condition has not worsened. But I chalk that up to a vegan diet and a very active lifestyle. I would venture to say most men who are taking ED meds already had atherosclerosis. And that is a condition that without proper treatment and lifestyle changes will get worse...When guys talk about Trimix not working anymore? I venture to say as my cardiologist has said as well..."The underlying condition causing the ED is getting worse to the point where medications including Trimix stop working[/quote]

I think you nailed it in the "head" when you talk about the Trimix not working anymore for a small percentage of guys. Most of those guys started on real high doses and they didn't seek the lifestyle changes to treat their ED and their ED just got worse overtime.

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