Coring of needles

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Coring of needles

Postby mikehard » Tue Nov 22, 2022 6:59 am

For many years I have not had any problems with injecting but have had a few problems with bunt needles. Looking closely at the tip I have found them slightly flattened. I have also had the odd syringe that was hard to press down. Searching on FT I have found a number of guys reporting the same problems. Searching the web, I came up with a few pointers that many possible answers these problems. I read a number of articles on Vial Coring, "Coring is when a small piece of a vial’s rubber stopper breaks off and contaminates the contents of a sterile vial, It can typically be noticed floating on top of or inside the medication or stuck to the inside wall of the vial. This small foreign body can then be aspirated into a syringe and injected.

Have a look at this article:

But there are some things we can do to prevent or minimize the coring of the rubber on the vial and help preventing blunt needles.

Any thoughts on this?
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