At what point does damage occur in priapism?

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Re: At what point does damage occur in priapism?

Postby willing » Wed Jul 13, 2022 1:16 pm

ScrewedbyDoctors wrote:How painful? Scale 0 to 10, I will say 9. The pain was excruciating that's why I had to injected Phenylephrine to get rid of my almost 4 hour erection. Corporal fibrosis diagnose? Two days after that painful erection I developed a "dent" on the site of the injection and a slight left deviation.
Willing, just Google " trimix piraprism"...

thanks - sending you home untreated seems malpractice!

From the reading so far, the threshold seems a somewhat subjective judgment call. My Rx notes say 3 hours, most say 4 hours, but are not specific about what level of rigidity triggers the end of the danger period. I've looked on pubmed for more detail but am still not clear on whether long-lasting erections (without pain) do mild damage or not. Since the dosage required seems to increase gradually and need adjustment, this seems an ongoing risk.

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Re: At what point does damage occur in priapism?

Postby ScrewedbyDoctors » Wed Jul 13, 2022 1:48 pm

I tried to sue the "Doctor" but no one wanted to take my case because is not life threatening, is just a esthetic issue, in the meantime that "Doc" and that "clinc" didn't change their protocol. Basically they injected a high dose at the first visit and only call if the erection last for 4 hours wherever the erection is painful or not, they just want to make easy money without the proper medical knowledge or training. Even the owner called and threatened me because I wrote a review on Yelp, he called me a liar.
Trimix is not dangerous if you follow the instructions from a real Doctor
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Re: At what point does damage occur in priapism?

Postby Mikedsy » Sat Aug 06, 2022 12:31 pm

I have had many erections lasting more than 4 hours with no noticeable damage. My story currently has a happy ending.
Been Injecting for about 18 months. On my first injection of Trimix at urologist office, after 2 hours it was uncomfortable. Worried about damage so I sat in the parking lot and went into the ER right at 4 hours. They numbed me and while waiting for the Phenylephrine from the pharmacy, it went down on its own at the 6 hour point, so sorry I went in. Since then I have tried just about every mix and they all would typically last 3.5 to 4 hours sometimes going to 5 or 6. My urologist was not concerned about it because they were not overly hard. I could bend them a little. I use Bimix because I don't get the ache. The PGE/Alprostadil/Prostaglandin was ok for the sex but made the extended erections pretty uncomfortable. Once when switching to a Bimix with less Phentolamine(in hopes of lessening duration) I got one that did not go away. Planned on waiting it out but gave up after 17 hours and it ended at 20 hours after treatment in the ER. That was hard on winky but I had no damage from it. During the 17 hours at home I tried everything. Vigorous Aerobics, pushups and squats, Pseudoephedrine, cold shower, hot shower, ice under the testicles. Nothing worked.
In my quest for better and shorter duration erections I found a routing that is working. 4 Pseudoephedrine at onset, Lots of water and vacuum pump after. I think the pump is having the most effect. 10 to 20 short cycles. The happy ending part is that I have been slowly increasing the dose and getting better erections and the duration has been going DOWN. Maybe something else has changes, possibly some nerve healing after all this time.
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