Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Any advice appreciated.

Postby solvingadream » Fri Jun 11, 2021 11:37 pm

Oz, I can tell you only what works for me. And combining like I am proposing is frowned upon, but I inject 11 units Trimix, take a 5mg Cialis (AM, every day like clockwork), and drink a heaping teaspoon of Citrillune and another heaping teaspoon of Arginine (also AM every day like clockwork, I mix those two last in a shaker bottle). Without the Cialis and the shaker bottle drink, Trimix only keeps me about 90% for half an hour. With these additional items, I last, rock hard, for about an hour and fifteen minutes. My girth gain is pretty wild as well. FWIW

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Re: Any advice appreciated.

Postby silverdude » Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:00 am

Keep up the good work OZ, 95% is not will get there!!!

I agree with solvingadream...i take arganineL with citrulline, pine pollen, and 5mg cialis, everyday, ....AND take 2 scoops extra arginineL 1 hour before sex. Also the arginineL has helped lower my BP.

I have to admit as a newbie to trimix, I go to fridge, often, and check to make sure I have some loaded syringes available for the next romp frolic! 1 10 units and 1 20 units, depending on how tired I am, and what duration I want to acheive.

I have also ordered a cooler type carrying case for syringes, to take on the road when the mrs travels with me. Gents, remember the younger days of taking our GFs out to a special place, making out, and watching the "submarine races?"

Solvingadream told me that trimix is the best closest way to "spontaneous sex", vs implant, and HE WAS SPOT ON!!! Thanks!
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